Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can We Bottle Energy?

I wish I could bottle energy.

Christy here.
Meet my 4 year old bundle of energy, Downey.
Here, she's at the lake and seems subdued. But, that's not my real Downey. Nope. This child goes to bed about the same time I collapse due to exhaustion and wakes around the same time I do in the morning with a renewed energy I wish I could bottle all for myself.

I feel bad, because I can't keep up with her. But working 9-5(which equals 8-6 once you figure traffic time into the equation) add house work -> add family time -> add extra-curricular activities that come up and add my all important writing, I am worn out.

I've been praying for the desire to wake up at least two hours earlier so I can write. I'm more alert in the morning and write my best then. Yesterday was my best day all week. I got up at 5 and my daughter woke 2 hours later. This morning I'm dragging because we had a full day yesterday.

We can't bottle energy, but I know I can use my time and plan my time wisely. Right now, I'm in a lull. If my story isn't going as proactively as I want, I think I tend to slack on the writing time. This means I need to switch gears, figure out where the story is stalling and either write out a character sketch to figure where the character should be by this point in the story. Another option is to write a scene that is active in my mind and have it available when the rest of the story is filled and fits with the new scene.

If we could bottle energy, I'd probably sleep four hours a night and write a good chunk of my morning, go to work, then be home with my family. That's a perfect world but 4 hours of sleep wouldn't take me far. Use that restrictive sleep time when you're on a serious deadline, not all year around.

I found one day this week I just needed to get out and take a walk. Amazingly enough, the very next day I woke up rejuvenated and able to pound out some words on the keyboard.

What about you? Have you found a way to bottle energy? Any tips you'd care to share with FAITH on using time wisely to be most productive?


  1. I think your answer was in the walk. When I make time to excercise (and I have to carve out that time and actually do that) I find I have more energy and better concentration. At least that is what works for me anyway.

  2. Beautiful little girl, the red hair is so pretty, my husband, son are red-headed and my daughter and our eldest son is strawberry blond. I know what you maan about bottled energy I wish I could have kept some when I was younger because all of mine has got up and went, LOL/


  3. Hi Amy,
    When I think of exercise and it giving you energy, etc, I always think of one of my favorite movies, Legally Blonde, where Reese Witherspoon's character is talking about exercise and she says, "Endorphines make you happy."
    Very true.

  4. Thanks Edna! And it definitely sounds like red hair is a strong trait in your family too.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could bottle the energy of kids! But alas, my 47-year-old body says, "Nope. Can't do it." :)

    I'm requiring more and more sleep. I'm just trying to give my body what it needs instead of burning the candle at both ends like I did for years. It's slowing me down some, but I still have plenty of time to write.

    Cute photo!!