Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mindy here.

This weekend, our family's ranch was threatened by wildfires. While we waited for updates, some 200 miles away, my sister-in-law and her family played a different kind of waiting game. As the fires moved closer, they didn't know if or when they might need to evacuate.

The photo is of my nephew as he positioned sprinklers on their roof in case of any wayward embers. And that's not a cloud in the background, it's smoke. My SIL gathered important documents, in case a hasty departure was required. And that got me to thinking. What if I were in her shoes? If a wildfire were bearing down on my home, and I had only a short time to gather things, what would I grab?

Despite remote backup, I would probably grab my laptop and flash drive as I ran out the door, but what else? What would be that irreplaceable? Photos? Important documents?

I still haven't decided. But what about you? What would be the one or two things that you would hastily grab if you had only moments?


  1. I just discovered your blog, am visually impaired and recently started a blog with similar purposes. Its URL is graftedinandonthejourney.blogspot.com. In answer to Mindy, if I had to leave my home quickly due to fire, would grab up 2 card file boxes that have reflective thoughts and Bible verses, some clothes, and perhaps something to munch on so as to collect myself once out, safe, and with God's help, planning the next steps on the journey. Mellow Roc

  2. I like your perspective, Roc. Allowing God to guide our path always works out best.

  3. I like to read the blogs and also like to be entered into a contest for a book


  4. Me too! Pets, a few family heirlooms and photo albums, and my computers. We have 2 horses so we actually have an evacuation plan that calls for our kids riding them out of the valley. We live in a finger valley that has had fires on 3 sides in 2000. All families had to create evacuation plans. Thank God we never had to use it, but we were ready. We got to a 12 hour alert to evacuate.

  5. Besides my family and our dog, I'd probably grab my laptop, Bible, glasses, contacts, and genealogy files-if I had time.