Monday, July 20, 2009

My Hero!!!

Belinda here.

Today I'm talking about heros. You know,those guys we write about in our books, those guys that we love and we want our heroines to love them too, but somehow it takes quite a few pages of convincing for these gals to get on board.

When I'm writing my hero I like to have a pic to look at. Not that my hero embodies all the same characteristics looks-wise, but he's close. For my current wip my hero is named Ryan and I've been trying and trying to find a pic of him. I've looked online, at magazines, but nothing has struck me as "oh, yeah, that's the guy I'm writing about."

But all that changed last Monday as I was on a plane. I was looking at the magazine the plane provides. (Not the shopping one.) And there was this guy on the cover and I thought, he's interesting looking. Then there was this article about him in the magazine and the minute I turned to that I thought...."there's my hero! There's my Ryan!"

Wanna see???

Here he is!

And here his is again!

And guess what? His name is Ryan! Ryan Braun and he's a baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers. I don't know what it is that struck me about him, but something did.
Anyway, how do you find your heroes? Do you like to post a pic while writing? If you're not a writer, what type of guys do you like to read about and do you find it easy to visualize a hero while you're reading the book.

Please share!!


  1. Up until my current ms I just went by what was in my head, but with this last one, I did search out pics for my heroine and hero. Found both on the web. It's so neat to actually see visually, instead of just mentally, who you're writing about.

  2. You know-- I've actually never sought out a picture of my hero. Crazy, huh? I usually just dream them up in my head.

    The looks aren't as much a concern to me as the character traits. I usually draw them from my hubby, then put a supernatural flare on them.

    Or I draw them from friends I know. Then, I'll throw in what he's supposed to look like once I get his traits in order in my head.

    I've been known to go through and change the appearance of my hero after a rough draft has already been written. I love it when the character comes to life and helps me decide what he looks like.

  3. Oh, my, Lindi. He's some heroic material!! Very cute. And I think those gorgeous eyes drew you. :)

    I tend to forget to describe my guy. And sometimes I never do find a photo that looks like him. But I'm learning to add the description in. The editors ask for it.

  4. Eileen,

    I find it a little easier writing if I have something to look at...sort of sparks creativity. Let me know how it works for you.

  5. Lynn,

    During one of my books I knew what I wanted my hero to look like....I had a pic and everything. Yet whenever I was writing him he looked so different in his head. I've quit working on the book for a few reasons, but when I pick it back up, i'll be putting a different pic up for him....the one that I keep seeing when I write.

  6. Missy,
    He does have great eyes, huh? You do a great job with your heros!! I could picture Bill and Michael perfectly.

  7. I'm trying to determine the hero and heroine for my Irish historical. I wrote it as a secular manuscript more than 10 years ago and now I'm converting it to Christian fiction. Somewhere along the line, I've lost all my research material for that ms and I'm having to start from scratch. But my characters really wouldn't be who I had in mind the first time, so I guess I'm better off.