Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reading the Bible Chronologically

Over the past few years, I've done several Bible studies. Each one has delved a little farther into the old testament, a place I once thought was passe. Instead, I've found it to be exciting and wanting to know more.

Finally, I decided it was time to read the Bible through. Something I've tried before, but I always got bogged down in the begets. This time, I took more of a novel approach. Really. I'm reading it like a novel, which is why I chose to read it chronologically. Of course, there are times when I feel it's a little slow. And then there are others when Biblical truths jump right off of the page.

What I'm enjoying most is getting "the rest of the story." I'm learning tidbits that I never got before. Like did you know that Abraham had other children besides Issac and Ishmael? Quite a few of them, as a matter of fact. After the death of his wife, Sarah. One verse said he took another wife, while another verse referred to this same woman as a concubine. Nonetheless, I had no idea.

Have you ever read through the Bible? What unexpected things did you take away from the experience?


  1. You'd love Bible Study Fellowship's study on the Minor Prophets. It takes you through so much of the OT. That was my first introduction as a new Christian.

  2. I am on my way for about the 6th time reading through, I learn something every time I read it, and I did know about Abraham beget a lot of children and also that he remarried after Sari died and he beget more children, there are things in the old testment that I just don't see how they could do. Did you know that they could not mix wool and linen together in one garment and that they could not use an ox and an ass together to plow, things just go on, I am in Der. now and it is like reading a mystery novel, if their children would not obey their parents and caused a lot of trouble they turned him in and he was stoned to death. It is really interesting.


  3. Holy cow! Six times, Edna? I'm impressed. Don't you love that God's word is alive? That we see things differently each time.

    Carmen, I'd forgotten about BSF. I have several friends who've gone through it. I'll have to keep my ears open.

  4. Mindy,
    I'm reading chronologically now. Another lady at church and I are doing it and we meet Sunday mornings at 930 to discuss what we read last week. We are in the King-Chronicles parts and are flpping the back and forth. I have read through the Bible one other time from beginning to end. That was about 4 years ago. Now it's very itneresting to see all the similarities and differences in the same accounts.
    I know you'll enjoy this journey.
    Oh, and I'm a girl who LOVES the Old Testament....and I think that's because it's like a novel for the most part.