Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Mindy here. I had an interesting experience this past week. I flew my granddaughter to Denver to spend some time with her other grandparents. I spent the night and took a shuttle to the airport the next morning. During the hour-long ride, I shared a seat with a delightful woman I won't soon forget.

We talked about family. She was elderly. A recent widow. A resident of Loveland, CO, she was on her way to Burbank, CA to visit her sister. We talked about my trip and I mentioned that I would be back that way in September for a writer's conference. Her eyes lit up.

"What do you write?"

"Christian fiction. Though I'm not published yet."

"Me either. I write non-fiction."

Another writer. Well, that gave us plenty to talk about. As the conversation progressed, she explained how she'd had to put her writing on hold for a time to care for her ailing husband. But she was thrilled to be back at it again. As she shared a story of her trip to Greece shortly after his death, and how it led her paint the walls of her house the vivid colors she'd fallen in love with there, she paused. Finally she said, "Oh, you write Christian fiction, so you won't think I'm crazy."

She then continued to tell me about how delighted she was with her new home and how she danced, praising God for His faithfulness. As the story progressed, she told me how God had led her through some changes in recent months that wouldn't make sense to most people. But she trusted Him, and obeyed whatever He asked her to do.

In too short a time, we were pulling up to the airport terminal. We said our goodbyes and promised to pray for each other. And to this day, we still don't know each others names. Doesn't matter though. We are sisters in Christ.

I love it when God orchestrates things like that. That woman so encouraged me in my faith. What a blessing to hear her story. A testimony of how God has worked in her life.

I also love that God gives each of us our own testimony. One that no one can refute. It's our story. And we never know how OUR story may touch someone else's life.

Have you ever had a chance encounter with someone that has touched your life? How has their testimony affected you?


  1. Oh, wow. What a great story. My hubby had that a few years back, it's a long story, but nonetheless, he spoke with this man over the length of a flight from MN to FL and he was never the same. In a good way... :-)

    God uses any moment to help shape us, doesn't he? Love it!

  2. I had a sunday School teacher when I was just a young girl and she is the one that brough me to the Lord, she is dead and gone down has been a very long time, but she really made an everlasting empression in my life.


  3. Oh, Mindy, that's such a cool story! Gave me chills!

    I'm glad you had a great trip.