Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awe Attacks!

Frost. This is a special kind, hoar frost. It's just frozen water eked out of the fog that freezes on absolutely everything. It's so beautiful that each winter, I am in awe. I'll stare and stare all over our valley.

The last few posts from my sister Faith Girls have mentioned inspiration and brainstorming.

I get inspiration from everything from hoar frost to the fact that God knew before he created the earth that I would exist, that tires would be invented, and that I would ride in a car on tires rolling on tar.

Think about that for a minute. God knew that? God knew how to create frost? God knew there would be (and artistically designed) different kinds of frost? He even knew I'd be in a car for the moment I'd see a rainbow.


I think inspiration comes from looking at or thinking about things outside their norm. All it takes is a minute to slow down and really look around or get someone else's opinion.

My husband can look at me, hear my voice, and know I'm having one of my "awe attacks." He's the one who named this special event, lol. He did it one day when I saw something very common in Montana. Driving up our valley, I witnessed one of the most beautiful double rainbows. Sometimes we get triple rainbows.

I sat there staring and whispering, "And God made that. Must have been some promise to Noah!"

My hubby looked at me sideways, "Another awe attack?"

Well, of course!

What causes awe attacks in you?



  1. being in the mountains - for me they show the power and gentleness of God. They take my breath away

  2. LONGER hoar frost, like an inch and a half! Only have seen it once, but I haven't forgotten it!

  3. What a great term--awe attack. :)

    I get them at the ocean. And in the mountains. And when the writing spider outside our house spins a cool web. When I see my kids sleeping peacefully. When I hear a pipe organ in a chruch playing some of my favorite pieces. (Widor's Toccata!) And on and on... :)

  4. The ice is really pretty but so dangerous, the picture you have is beautiful.