Monday, August 24, 2009


I hope Christy dosen't mind but I'm going to continue her brainstorming post. This fell in line with something that happened to me this week. I was in Florida Tuesday-
Sunday with a group of ladies that I work with. It's our annual beach trip. My boss and I go on Tuesday and the rest of the ladies join us on Thursday.

I had writing time, but I was stuck. Really stuck. I had this scene, and externally I knew what was happening, but internally nothing was happening. I was struggling and struggling.

Until Friday.

I sat down by my computer ready to struggle again I guess, when my cell phone rang. It was Missy.
Hmmm....(God had her call me right then!)

She had an idea for a story that we talked about and then I told her my troubles. Yes, troubles.....
And she fixed it! Just like that.

Brainstorming works. It really does. I told her what was happening as best as I could because she hasn't read the book and she and I had some dialogue and poof--the reason for the scene came out loud and clear. I sat down Saturday morning and wrote that scene. I like it, too!

So if you're ever stuck, don't struggle too long. Pick up the phone and call somebody! Or post here in the comment section. We'll be happy to help if we can.


  1. Yes, my FAITH sisters are great brainstorming buddies. They come up with things I would never think of on my own.

  2. And it's so fun! :) Plus, it helps me to think through someone else's story. I think sometimes we get too close to our own.

    It really was strange, though. I called Lindi, and she something like, "oh my. I was just talking about you." :)