Sunday, August 23, 2009


Christy here.

I've got to be honest. It's taken me all day to come up with something to blog about today. Usually, this is the part of writing I enjoy, however thinking of something to write on your own can some times leave you feeling flat and lacking.

There's been a lot of brainstorming going on around me. Between the FAITH Girls the last few weeks as well as between me and my critique partners. Dreaming up new stories or twists on existing plots is the best part of writing. I can do some brainstorming on my own. Sometimes a song will inspire me, or hearing something on the news. I've been inspired at church, at work. You never know where your latest idea will come from.

Thank the Lord for fellow writers. If I need to bounce a plot path off of someone, I have a couple of key people I call.

How about you? With whom do you brainstorm???

1 comment:

  1. With you, of course!

    I understand the blank page syndrome. Sometimes it is hard to come up with something out of nothing.