Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Where do ideas come from?


I was just over on a writing loop and the conversation is about caring for elderly parents. My mind starts spinning and suddenly I have the great idea that a heroine could be a temporary nurse or a business owner that provides helpers to folks who want to live at home but can't quite do it all anymore.

Then you have to have a conflict and a hero.

Who would he be?

What would the conflict be?

Missy Tippens (Faith blog sister here) has written a great book called His Forever Love. She has this kind of an idea with the hero wanting to take his grandmother back to Boston to live. How appropriate for all of us aging Baby Boomers and our parents. I loved it. Her hero loved his grandma enough that he wanted her with him.

There are millions of Baby Boomers in or entering into the new season of caring for their parents. Millions of different stories.

What if something you wrote for entertainment actually helped someone else get ideas of how to live life or help someone else?

Wouldn't that be heroic?



  1. Thanks for mentioning my book, Angie! I got a lot of positive feedback from readers on the fact that Granny had a romantic interest! And got a few from people who are caring for their parents and could relate to Bill's dilemma. So yes, we can get those ideas from life around us.

    You should go with your idea! I love the heroine's job. What hero would work well with her? Maybe someone who starts out trying to force his grandma into a nursing home? Or maybe he owns the business and she's trying to add some heart to it, but he only sees dollars and cents?

    Have fun with it! :)

    And speaking of brainstorming! Debby Giusti posted on the Seeker blog today, sharing a brainstorming session she had with her cp's. It's great! www.seekerville [dot]

  2. great thoughts it would sure be nice if younger people took care of their elder parents or grandparents, mine want even come and mop a floor for me or bring a meal when I had my knee replacement, I guess they though my husband could do it all and he did all that he could and they rest was left undone.


  3. I have to admit, Edna, that in my household lots get left undone until I get to it. I just wait until it really needs it anymore :-) Otherwise, I'd never get my coaching and writing done!

    As a new empty nester, I think the house might be less cluttered, but we are still storing too many things for the kids that have moved out.

    Now we know my next project. Getting the kids to take their stuff before I...

    hmm, I have another new idea. What if the mom is a single mom and she has decided to move forward in life. Her kids don't want to let go of their childhood home. In the end, in order for her to move forward, she has to face her own kids and help them to take charge of their own feelings --and their own stuff!