Saturday, August 1, 2009

Launch of Abingdon's New Fiction Line

Jenn here.

Today is the official launch of Abingdon's new fiction line. They have a great line-up of authors and Christian fiction that will entertain and sow seeds for God's glory. I was going to post about each book and include a brief blurb, but Rita Gerlach (an Abingdon author) has done such a wonderful job in the August issue of Stepping Stones Magazine, so I'll include a link here.

Please be sure to check out their fabulous line-up of books. I'll be posting an author interview with Rita Gerlach on Wednesday, August 5th and we'll do a drawing for a copy of her new book, Surrender the Wind, on Jennifer's Writing Blog.


  1. Oh, how exciting!!!! I'm so glad to finally see these books!!

    Thanks for letting us know it's finally launch time, Jenn. I'll definitely check out Rita's blog.


  2. This is exciting!!!

    BTW, I gave you a blog nod over at my place! Blessings!!!