Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making Lemonade...I Mean Fried Green Tomatoes

I guess you've always heard that if life hands you lemons, then make lemonade. Well, today (I'm writing this Wednesday), my son went outside to check on his tomato plants after the bad storm we had last night. And he found the supports were uprooted, the plants flopped over, and several green tomatoes on the ground.

So what did he do? He brought the tomatoes in for us to make fried green tomatoes! :)

I love optimism. I love to be around optimistic people. And I'm always inspired by people who've been dealt a bad hand yet keep themselves (and those around them) looking at the bright side.

So you got some rough contest feedback? Can you find a nugget of help from the comments?

So you got a rejection? Be proud that you at least submitted! Take comfort in the fact that you're traveling the same road many published authors have travelled before you.

So you've been at this business for years and think surely you must be mistaken in your desire or calling to write? Tell yourself that everything will happen in God's plan and in God's perfect timing. Then relax and do your best, showing up to write each day.

And in the meantime, enjoy this recipe we made up today that turned out so yummy! :)

Slice the tomatoes like you would for a sandwich.
Dip in beaten eggs.
Dip in a mixture of half all purpose flour and half corn meal mix (seasoned with salt and pepper)
Shake off excess and place in an inch of hot vegetable oil (on medium to med. high heat)
Cook until golden on both sides, then drain on paper towels.
Lightly salt them and enjoy!

So have you had to make lemonade, er, fried green tomatoes lately? Care to share?
Missy Tippens


  1. I made fried green tomatoes once this summer, my husband does not like them but I do, but can't have that much fried food. But I am southrn and have canned all types of veg this summer. We had fried Okra for supper and he had fried potatoes, she is skinny by the way with no health problems and I even made him hand made bisquits the old southern way with my hands and squazzed them out and made them into bisquits. But I can't eat those either, have dibetics. :-(


  2. Edna, I've never tried canning vegetables. I saw a show or article recently that said a lot of people are getting back to doing it with the economy so bad right now.

    I love homemade biscuits! But I'm terrible at making them. They turn out like bricks. :) I just buy the frozen ones.