Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Friends

Last week I was at the doctor's office, chatting with the nurse while I waited for the doctor. I happened to mention that I had an upcoming conference and she asked what I did. When I told her I was a writer she got all excited and proceeded to tell me that the other girl in the office had recently started writing a book. The nurse left the room and hurried to tell her friend that there was another writer in the office.

A few moments later I hear high heels moving rapidly down the hall. The office manager burst into the room, breathless, wearing a smile I recognized all too well.

You see, writers are not like normals. We hear voices and play with imaginary friends. We remember more about their lives than our own sometimes. We are compelled to put pencil to paper/fingers to keyboard and share these people's lives with the world.

There's a connection that magically comes to life when writers are together. It feeds us. Nurtures us. Encourages us. Tells us that we are not alone.

Reader or writer, have you ever met someone you've had an instant connection with? How did it make you feel? Was it at a time when you really needed to connect with someone? Share it with us.


  1. Oh yes. Instant connection with my writer friend KM. Can't explain it any way other than how you did. Hearing voices, talking about characters and plots....normals, as you call it, just don't get that.


  2. That's such a cute way to describe writers, Mindy. I especially loved the part about knowing more about their lives than our sometimes! LOL

  3. Lynn, Missy, I just calls 'em like I sees 'em, girls :-)