Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sharing a Favorite--Quick!--Recipe

Missy here. I wanted to share an easy recipe with you that could make a great meal for when you’re in the middle of a busy writing time—like under a deadline or during a book-in-a-week. I’ve done my best to try to copy an item off the menu at Applebee’s®, where Lindi and I usually eat a late dinner after our ACFW local chapter meetings. Mine isn’t as yummy as the “real thing,” but it’s certainly good and easy. And my kids love it!

French Dip Sliders (Missy’s version of her favorite Applebee’s® dish)

1 package of small potato rolls or small buns (The potato rolls I buy advertise them as perfect for sliders)

Two containers of thinly-sliced roast beef (located with the lunch meat) or approx. ¾-1 pound from the deli. (warmed a little in the microwave)

Sliced Swiss cheese

1 can French onion soup

1 package au jus seasoning

Combine the can of soup (adding another can of water per the directions), stir in the au jus seasonings and heat. Pour into individual bowls for dipping.

Open the buns and lay on a cookie sheet. Top one side of bun with several slices of beef, then a slice of cheese. Broil until cheese starts to melt and other side of bun is toasted. Remove and close the sandwich. Dip and enjoy!

This whole process only takes a few minutes. It’s great for busy days, and I’ve discovered it’s perfect for when the kids have friends over and I suddenly have several extra mouths to feed! :) But beware. My teen sons can eat 3-4 sandwiches each! So make plenty.

So what are your favorite foods to make when you’re pushed for time?


  1. I hope you give it a try and love it, Eileen! I've also been meaning to try it with ham, but don't know about dipping. I guess it could just be a hot ham and cheese sandwich. :)

  2. Yum! That sounds wonderful.

    When I'm pushed for time, I usually make spaghetti. First I brown some sweet italian turkey sausage (removed from the casings)then, after draining, add a jar of Prego traditional. That's it. Oh, and cook the noodles, preferably Barilla Plus :-)

  3. Mindy, I make spaghetti just about every week! LOL In fact, one of my dedications in a book (I think it's the upcoming A Forever Christmas) I thank the kids for putting up with spaghetti so much. :)

    Where do you get the sausage? With fresh meat or with the lunch meat (hotdogs and stuff)? That sounds yummy! I get so tired of beef.

  4. It's usually in the meat section, around the ground meats or the chicken. Honeysuckle White is the brand that shows up most often around here. It's fairly easy to find once you know where to look.

  5. Thanks, Mindy!! I'll definitely look for it. It'll be a lot healthier, too. (Plus, I can't stand regular ground turkey. The texture...bleck.)

  6. Oh, Missy, YUM!!! I'm printing this baby off -- thank you!!


  7. Enjoy, Julie! And thanks for stopping by.

  8. I do pre-sliced ham steaks and add whatever I feel like for sides like salad or grilled pineapple and I'll add microwaved baked potatoes or sweet potatoes :-)

    I also love to do spinach salad with pre-cooked large, frozen shrimp, avocado, tomato and eggs. I boil eggs at the beginning of the week and chop for salads or egg salad when I feel like it. It takes a couple of minutes to thaw the shrimp and the whole salad is on the table in 10-15 minutes. Sprinkle your favorite dressing and flaked parmesan cheese. Good to go.

  9. Sounds good I like Applebees and love the big salads and the hamburger also, but the hamburgers are loaded with fat so I don't get them very often,


  10. Angie, I love that recipe for the salad! Thanks!

    Edna, I like the veggie burger at Ruby Tuesdays. :)