Monday, August 10, 2009

The Story Within Us

"I had this really great dream and when I woke up I wanted to know what happened to the characters."

Even though that statement is in quotation marks it's not totally quoted..sorry. But that was the gist of what Stephanie Meyer said about how Edward and Bella came about. She dreamed them and then wanted to find out the rest of their story.

The rest is history...million dollar history for Stephanie...Edward and Bella, stars of the Twilight series have come along way.

I recently had a male hero character in mind. I knew I wanted to write about this person, but that was where it ended. Didn't know anything but his name, what he looked like. That's it.

Then it happened. Not a dream, really. But a sort of vision while I was going to sleep one night. A girl popped into my mind. Someone I've never seen before but I can still describe her to you. And one word came to mind regarding her.

Bellydancing. read right. Bellydancing.

So, what am I supposed to do with this?

Match her up with the hero I already knew nothing about, that's what. Don't ask me how or where the bellydancing will come in, but I have already got a storyline developed for these two characters.

I think all of us, writers or not, have a storytelling aspect about us. Of course they are all different, and those of us who choose to write these stories down are the crazy ones!! (just kidding. There are a lot of sane writers out there, I promise.) But even if you don't write, you relay stories in some way or another.

So whether it's dreams, visions, the paper, television, stories are only one second away at any given moment.

If you write, share with us the craziest way you've come up with a story...if you don't write, you can still share...maybe a story you've heard or told lately. And you never know, if you write something down regarding a story, well, you may become addicted!!


  1. LOL on the bellydancing! :)Maybe your character can teach it. :)

    I haven't dreamed a story, but I've had an idea come at me pretty well-formed just as I was falling asleep. I jolted fully awake and had to get up and type it up.

    Most of the time, though, I get ideas from TV shows or watching other people.

  2. Well, I think dreams or day dreams are pretty common for "dreaming" up some of the funny characters we dream up, don't you think?

    For me...I'd just finished the unofficial January write a novel in a month thing...I'd finished a full novel, by the grace of, come February, I was going to polish it, stuff like that.

    Well, God had other plans, cuz on February 1st, I woke up with a sentence in my head, spoken by a short, seventeen-year-old blond-haired girl standing in a lunch line, "I'd rather eat my toe."

    Yep. Strange, huh? I would agree.

    Well, Amanda Smith was born right then and there. So...I had another "write a novel in a month" episode which led to the title Frostbite...which led to a pitch at a conference, and now it's with an agent for consideration.

    Only God could allow something like that to happen. Seriously.

  3. Missy,

    Glad you got up and typed it in the computer. I know I would have to do the same thing or else--poof--it's gone!!

  4. Lynn,

    Amazing story!! That is so cool. Don't you love it when lines come like that?
    God does tend to have his own plans, doesn't He?

    Keep the F.A.I.T.H. blog posted on your agent request. That's very exciting.

  5. Here's an idea I would love to see someone tackle: multiple personality disorder. The secular world has done it. I love to see a Christian writer try it. Or someone with schizophrenia. Good challenges!

  6. I took bellydancing lessons and gave a dance complete with photos to my hubby for his wedding gift. I love your idea! Besides, it's great exercise. Maybe she can also be a fitness teacher.

    To anonymous, I have a book I set aside when my schizophrenic mom died. It's partially written and one of the characters is based on her (and all the crazy things we went through.) It actually won the Touched By Love Long Contemporary contest in 2007 but I am just now pulling it out to finish this fall because her death in real life was too close for me to keep writing. But now I'm ready. So I'll be taking it with me to a master's immersion class at Margie Lawson's after the ACFW conference. My intent is to finish by Christmas.

    I've also written my book, Insanity Rules; Gems of Wisdom, based on my experiences with her and also on those of volunteers with their family members. It's not published yet, but will be within the year (whether by standard or self-publishing, I don't know yet.) This one is non-fiction, Inspirational personal growth and more info can be found at


  7. Anonymous...You are right..big challenges. I don't feel I could write a book like unless I did a lot of reserach on the subject. But I would love to read one on the matter.

    And yes, Ang does have a book on schizophrenia. Good luck with that Ang. i know Margie's class will be a big help.

  8. Oh, and Ang. I may contact you regarding the bellydancing. I should have known you would have tackled this. You are my everything girl.