Thursday, August 27, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Missy here. First off, I'm excited that I can share my November cover wtih you!! I just love it. They did an amazing job using my scene description and also the photos I sent for the tree and fireplace as I envisioned it. A Forever Christmas will be out in November!

Now on to my post. I wanted to share with you about a program that I just recently learned of. It's called Windows Live Writer.

I actually learned about it after having a lot of trouble with Blogger (after updating to the newest Internet Explorer). It's a cool program where you can write your blog posts offline. And it'll automatically get your blog template so you can see exactly what the blog is going to look like.

Since I got the new IE, I haven't been able to cut and paste from Word into Blogger--which is a horrible thing after spending the time to write the post in Word! So I went to the Blogger help page and a couple of people who had the same problem suggested using it. I downloaded it quickly (it's free) and went to work.

One feature that I love is that I can type up the post in the Edit section (it's like the compose tab on Blogger). Then I can go under Source and copy the code. Then when I get to Blogger, I go into the HTML tab, paste the code, and then I can look at the preview to see how it turned out.

I do still have to upload my photos in Blogger. I had trouble posting directly from Window Live Writer, which you can do. And I know there's a pretty easy fix. But I've decided not to do it. I just upload my photos into Blogger, then add the code for the text.

I hope this makes sense and that it's helpful for anyone having trouble if they've updated their IE. Another option suggested was to download a new browser. But I've enjoyed learning Live Writer!

Have any of you used it?


  1. LOVE the cover, Missy. You know how I feel about Christmas. Cute kids, too.

  2. like Missy's books, would like to be entered to win this book.


  3. Thanks, everyone!

    Edna, I'll be giving away one later once I get my copies. :) So be sure to come back in late October.

  4. Missy,
    I love the cover for your soon-to-be-released Christmas book! Can't wait to read it!

    I'm about to try the Window Live Writer program now. It sounds excellent!