Saturday, August 22, 2009

Writing Fellowship

Jenn here.

I long to be around other writers who understand me. This year I'm skipping the ACFW Conference and I will miss it so much. Our Carolina Christian Writers group hasn't been very active since it was so hard to get people to come and participate. Since I've stepped down as President, another writer has been trying to get keep the group going. New members from the area have joined, but most of the old members have dispersed and disappeared.

This afternoon I'll be attending my first meeting since I stepped down. I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time trying not to get my hopes up. I need the fellowship, but I'm tired of the disappointment. I want to share, learn, and grow with other writers. I'd like to have that local support that I've heard other writers talk about from other areas. I'd like us to one day hold writing conferences that bring other writers, editors and agents to the Carolinas, as well as hold writing contests.

What do you get most out of a local writing group? Do you have one in your area?


  1. I don't have a local writers group, but sure wish I did. Sometimes I feel very alone on this journey. I'm thankful for blogger to keep me in contact with like minds.

    I pray all goes well at your meeting!

  2. I don't have a local group, but wish I did. I don't know what I would do without my online critique group and blogs.
    Hope the meeting turns out to be great.

  3. We just moved and I am hoping to find a writers group. I have found some wonderful supportive people online too but would love to be part of a local group.

  4. Writing is a lonely occupation. And then, sometimes it's hard for non-writers to understand us. If any of you belong to ACFW, you can login to their site and check out their zone page and see if there are any local chapters close by.

    I rely on my online writing friends and critique group for support and fellowship. Our local writing group doesn't meet often enough.

  5. I feel very blessed to be part of Georgia Romance Writers and also a local ACFW chapter--Writers of Remarkable Design. The GRW meetings are about 50 minutes away. And the WORD meetings are about 35 minutes away. So they're both doable.

    But I do love the online support of writer friends! I can get that 24/7. :)

  6. My local ACFW chapter is an outlet I look forward to every month. It's a chance to be with people who get me. We're like a family, sharing joys and sorrows, prayers and concerns, sales and rejections:-) There's just something about being with other writers that can't be explained. Make them writers with similar beliefs, and it's even better!

  7. The meeting went well. We had 9 people show up. It took me an hour to get there. I hope we can get this group up and running.