Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACFW Conference Workshops

Missy here. I'm still not recovered from the ACFW conference! I totally missed that today is Thursday--my day to post! I was working on a blog post for the end of September on my personal blog, and it hit me what day it is. I'm sorry this is late!

I wanted to share a little with you about one of the best workshops I attended at the ACFW conference. It was actually one of the continuing ed sessions, and it was taught by Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck. It was an excellent class on diagnosing and fixing the problems in your manuscript. They would list a problem, tell you what an agent might say about the same problem, then give you questions to ask yourself so that you can fix the problem.

For example, the first problem they listed was: All my characters sound the same. Or I don't know where to take my character next. An agent might say: This hero/heroine lacks depth.

Then Susie and Rachel went on to tell us how to fix this problem.

EXCELLENT! If you plan to buy any of the recordings from conference, I would highly recommend this double session. (I hope it was recorded! I missed a little of each session because of appointments.) So check the ACFW site soon and see if they've put up a link to the conference recordings.


  1. I am considering buying a few recordings, since I missed the whole conference. I've heard a lot about Ted Dekker. What about Debbie Macomber? How was the keynote address?

  2. Debbie Macomber was amazing. Her stories and talks from the podium inspired us to be authors of substance, not authors of success. She called us to action to be business people with contributions to our communities. I just loved her!

    Ted Dekker wasn't really in the conference. He stopped in on Friday to meet a few people and learn more about ACFW. He just joined a few days before conference so wasn't able to drop commitments so quickly. But he was in town for business and so took the opportunity to get acquainted.

  3. Yes! Buy Debbie's if they're available. She was so inspirational. What an amazing woman with an amazing story!!

  4. Debbie about made me cry a couple of times.

    Of course, I am a weepy pregnant woman... but she was very inspirational!