Monday, September 21, 2009

Contests and Such

Belinda here.

Since our F.A.I.T.H. girl Christy won the Genesis Award I thought I'd make this post about contests. Let's still celebrate her win.

For writers there are a lot of different reasons to enter contests. The main one is to final and ultimately get the work in front of an editor we think would publish our work. When they read the contest entry they're supposed to say or think....Oh, I LOVE this!!! I have to see the whole book. Please send it as soon as possible.

Sometimes that probably happens.
Sometimes it doesn't.

Finaling and winning contests is fun and exciting. I've never won a contest where I've been present. Hmmm.. Maybe that's a hint. (Don't show up for the awards ceremony!!) so I've never had to stand up and give the dreaded speech.

But the phone calls or emails telling you are a finalist are thrilling too.

So today tell us your favorite contest you entered and why...we're always looking for contests with good feedback.

Also, if you've won or finaled tell us your story--we'd love to hear it.

Keep celebrating, Christy!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Christy!

    I entered a short story in the Tom Howard/John Reid Short Story Contest. I received an email from John Reid himself informing me that my story made it through the Initial Short list to the Intermediate Short List and reached "Commended Status." Only 50of the 2000 entries go beyond this level to the Final Short List so I was pleased with the results of my first contest entry. The best thing about this experience was receiving the email from Mr. Reid because he took the time to make several suggestions on how to improve my short story and encouraged me to make those changes and resubmit my story for this year's contest. I did take his advice and will be submitting my story again in a few weeks. I was so impressed that he took the time from judging entries to do that for me, my thank-you note to him was sent immediately.

    This is why I enter contests. Yes, winning is awesome and the cash prize (when there is one) is great. But receiving the judges' comments is invaluable!

  2. Awww, THANK YOU Lindi for continuing to celebrate with me! Sending a big hug your way and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

    Thanks Edwina!

    That's awesome about the contest you entered. I love to get good constructive feedback. Comments you can use to make the work better. I think that's tricky for Judges to give sometimes and they should be sensitive to every comment they make on a person's WIP.

    As for my favorite contest... well, so far that's the Genesis! LOL! I must say, I enter contests for the same reasons Lindi mentioned - to get it in front of an editor or agent and to get feedback on how the reader likes my story. I've saved every critique I've received from the judges. Most of them have been very helpful.

  3. Edwina---first it was great to meet you at the GRW meeting. How awesome! We hope you come back often.

    And congrats on your short story. The personal time and touches Mr. Reid gave to your entry are treasured I'm sure. There are so many helpful, caring, nice people in the writing world. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Christy, This month the Genesis, next month the Maggie..girl, you are on a roll. I have a great feeling about the Maggie for you.

  5. Edwina, congratulations on your contest entry!! That's such a great accomplishment!

    Lindi, you can probably guess my favorite contest final. :) The Golden Heart! I could NOT believe when I got that phone call. :) And another that's close behind that one is a Maggie call I got one year on the very day I had decided to give up writing. God's timing is perfect! :)

  6. Missy,
    yes the GH is an exciting call. And so is the Maggie...I got that call this year and it spurred me on to finish the book.