Sunday, September 27, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Christy here.

I was up at 5 am this morning... bright-eyed, maybe a little bushy-tailed, ready to write. I checked email, got on Facebook, and pondered what I'd blog about, with aspirations of working on my manuscript before anyone in the house got up.

My little daughter had other ideas. She woke up at 5:50... yes, 5:50 in the a.m. That's fine. Being an early bird is not a bad thing. Just not so great for the writer-mama who had a few things on her "to-do" list.

Just as well, I had nothing to blog about this morning anyway.

I didn't want to talk about myself... (Although, what am I doing now?)
I wanted to bring something insightful to the FAITH blog today.

You all know I'm tickled pinky-pink about the Genesis win. I'm still surprised and rearing to submit my manuscript to those who have requested it. But I figured, everybody has heard enough about that and there had to be something else to talk about. (I'll continue to do my own cartwheels though, and revel in my amazement of God's blessings!)

So after church, after a long overdue trip to Walmart with hubby and daughter, I dove into some LONG OVERDUE housework. I'm going through old handbags I haven't used in years and won't use. I've made a call to a local company who picks up many household goods and supplies those in need with clothing, shoes, canned goods and handbags...I know once I hit the closets, I'll have clothes to give away, too.

Right now, my back is aching, I feel all itchy and dirty and in need of a LOOONNNGG hot bath. I've decided it's time to sit down and check one more thing off my to-do list. Thankfully, this item requires sitting!

And that's what this blog is all about today: Decisions.

What to give away, what to keep.

This is a concept I can apply to my household needs but also to my writing. Some things I've written are simply not needed. I rely on my critique partners and friends to tell me what may not work in the story or what may confuse them. I am adhering to a certain word count which will dictate what stays in my story and what goes. I also tend to go do the laundry or vacuum when I'm trying to work through a scene. I can plow through a scene but then I come to a stopping point. I need to mull over the character's feelings for a moment and make sure what I'm thinking is realistic. I'll admit, I probably worked through a little of my manuscript issues while I was trying to decide what should stay in my house and what should go...

I've decided to write the story of my heart and keep that manuscript, no matter how long it ends up being, in one file. For one editor I'm targeting, the manuscript may be shaved down some... but I will always have the one of my heart in case my target editor decides to pass. A nice compromise, I'm thinking...

So what about you? If you have a decision to make, do you mull over it all day? Or do you dive right in and make that decision on pure impulse? I used to be that impulsive type, and on some things, I still am... but lately I find I need a little hard work to help me work through an issue.


  1. Great blog, Christy.

    Decisions? Well, I'm one of those people who take forever to make decisions. When I was little, my mother reports that she hated taking me shopping because I would take forever picking out my one item promised to me if I was good.

    While writing, this becomes a problem and often keeps me from plowing ahead at times. A problem I'm continually working on. That's where my critique partners come in **wink**. They push me and hold me accountable when my writing has ground to a standstill. They talk me through those difficult scenes where my characters refuse to say and do those things I thought I wanted them to say and do. I think if I wasn't able to verbally talk through some of those difficulties, my writing task would be much harder for me to accomplish.

  2. Thanks Dianna. And you sound like my daughter... she sees so much on tv she says she "wants" but then when we get to the toy store, she can't make up her mind.

    And yes, critique partners are great about helping us make some very important decisions on our manuscripts... (**wink** right back at ya!)

  3. I stew on things, too. I've never been a quick decision maker. But if I have a strong gut reaction to something, I usually trust my instinct. But I just take a little more time to consider it from every angle.

    I drive myself crazy sometimes! LOL

  4. I think that's a good way to be, Missy. My husband says I change my mind too much, LOL!