Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Google Calendar

Jenn here.

For a long time I've been wanting to include a real monthly calendar on my website. I couldn't find one that pleased me so I would list my activities in a bullet list. Now that my debut novel is coming out and I'm booking more events next year, the bullet list seemed antiquated. I finally discovered the Google Calendar. Check it out on my website here. Granted, I don't have any events listed until April/May 2010 so you might have to click on those arrows to those months.

For those of you who have websites and blogs, this is a wonderful feature that will really benefit you. All you need is a Google account. If you have Gmail or you're on Blogger, you already have the account you need. Simply login to your Google account and click on "My Account", then click on the "Calendar Option". You can follow the directions and available options to set the settings you want.

Enter all your events into the database and when you're ready to copy the embedded code to place it on your website, click on "Calendar Help" and select the option to "Embed on Your Website". Follow the directions. Once you incorporate your code onto your blog or website, it's done. If you want to add a new event, just login to Goggle to update the Calendar database with your latest event. You DO NOT have to recopy the code and embed it to your blog or website again. The code is set up to automatically include all your updates as you add them. How cool is that?

Do you already use a calendar or are you using a bulleted list like I was doing? Does this sound like it would be helpful to you?


  1. So cool!! I'm going to check it out now. I've been listing events in the text. This would be great.

  2. We use the google calendar for our heating company. It's wonderful. There's a great task list you can use as well. I've embedded it in the Montana Romance Writer's blog, but I haven't put it on my website. That's a good idea, Jenn.