Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can . . .

Mindy here. If you've read many of my posts over the past few months, you know that my two-year old granddaughter is living with us while her mother serves with the U.S. Navy. Needless to say, my routine changed. Gone were the days of sitting at the computer for hours, relishing the silence that allows me to hear my muse. No quiet retreats with writer friends. No more weekly visits with my critique group.

I adjusted my goals, wanting only to finish the manuscript I was in the process of overhauling and to have a new story plotted so I could pitch it at conference. At first, it appeared neither would happen. But God is good. The Creator of all things can make the impossible possible.

With the help of my FAITH sisters, I managed to brainstorm a story that's been nudging my brain for months. I've plowed through chapter after chapter of my WIP (work in progress), cutting what was there and writing anew. And I'm please to say that I've finished my manuscript.

I love it when God does stuff like that. It assures me that He is there and WILL carry me through, according to His will.

Has God brought you through/helped you do something you didn't think you could? Remember, we may think we can (or can't, as the case may be), but I know He can.


  1. I believe God led me to write my story. Now I'm finished and seeking to publish it. He led these two writers to me who read it and who have become a huge support and encouragement. Prior to writing I hadn't fully realized how far God had reached to pull me from. I owe Him my life.

  2. Sarah, I know for a fact that writing can be a spiritual journey. God uses my characters to teach me things. I often have to remind myself that regardless of whether I'm ever published or not, the act of writing has brought me closer to God. And if that was His intent in calling me to write, then that's fine by me :-)

  3. I sure would not be able to keep a little one like that, but I am old and have done it before. You are a very brave lady to keep the little girl all the time. I wonder sometimes why a mother would want to sign up for service if she had little ones, but to each their own. I never wanted mine to spend the night anywhere when they were young. I agree with your title (I think I can) because each day is a trial and we have to try really hard to get through with God's help/


  4. I am so tickled to get to babysit my little grandson. I would definitely step up to take care of him if his parents were called away for any reason.

    What has God brought me through? Oh my! I've just set up and started my own speaking, life coaching, writing business called Gems of Wisdom. When I first envisioned it, there wasn't so much detail. I really want to be following God's lead on this. He's pulled me so far out of my comfort zone that I wondered where the earth was sometimes.

    But in such spectacular ways, God has brought me further than I ever thought possible. The grand opening is in October. I have a long list to get through, but He seems to be orchestrating the whole things. So a few weeks ago, I handed it all to God. I'd felt Him saying, let go of all and see what would happen. Like Abraham giving up his only child, that's how I felt. Then I realized it wasn't mine anyway. I gave it all over to God.

    I'm still not "through it all," but I am at peace to let the real business owner, God, handle the outcome. Scary--sure. God didn't promise I wouldn't stretch.


  5. It seems lately whenever I'm stuck in writing, God nudges me in some way. A little idea, some encouragement, just some form of letting me know He's around.

  6. Great post, Mindy. I don't see how you do it!

    I feel that God is leading me on a journey as well, teaching me through my stories.