Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm not finished with conference yet. This year I tagged on a 3.5 day writing class with Margie Lawson.

We've been writing and brainstorming like crazy. Margie and her husband, Tom, have fixed amazing meals. Then my classmates and I work hard until we are called to the table. Margie teaches as she cooks, as we eat, as we sit in the living room...she continuously teaches. We take our manuscripts and put it to work.

I'm polishing Battle Your Pirates--And Win! for publication soon.

Classes online start on October 5th. That's just around the corner! With 4 chapters left to finish on the workbook, I'm excited to see who I will be able to pass on the freedom in facing down inner conflicts. Those are the pirates. Please come over to to sign up and see what is holding you back from expectations.

Then onto the next book, Courageous Beauty :-)

Much appreciation!


  1. Glad you are getting a lot of brainstorming and work done, Angie!!! Looks like a lovely cabin with a great bunch of folks to share it with!

  2. Busy as a bee always thinking that is what all of you sound like. So glad though because I really love to read those books y'all come up with.
    Have fun while you learn.


  3. Edna, thanks for always being so encouraging!!!

    Angie, I really like the title Courageous Beauty...(I hope I spelled that C word right!) I think it has a good ring to it, it is a bit different, and it immediately asks a question....Beauty? Courageous? Since when.
    I don't know. I just like it.

  4. The log cabin looks wonderful! Is it a rental? Where were you all?

  5. Thank you ladies. Edna, I'm slowly releasing a few of my over-busy things to concentrate more on speaking, writing, and coaching. Too busy isn't healthy either.

    Thank you Christy and Lindi!

    Jenn, we were at Margie Lawson's house. The lodge next door has quaint, comfy rooms. So we'd go literally next door for our class. Margie's home is spectacular and used to belong to Joan Johnston, the author. They are still friends and we were able to go to dinner with Joan and ask lots of questions.

    Both were very gracious ladies!