Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mix-ups & Chaos

Have you ever gone through the entire day and not realized what day it was?

Have you ever been stunned to write the actual date on a check at the store, end of the day, and realized it was a day later?

Uh huh. That just happened to me.

Not from a medical cause like a concussion. Noooo. Out of busyness and chaos like most women who are trying to run their home and build their dreams.

This morning started out a little rushed.

I dressed in my red business suit to film an informational video about the upcoming online class, Battle Your Inner Pirates and Win!! I was excited, though nervous at having never filmed a video short before. I've done radio and TV in short spots, but always for someone else as a spokesperson or representing a fund raiser, Mrs. Montana International, or even our own heating company. And always with a pre-planned script or at least bullet points.

But putting together a professional video to reach out to the world? Nope. Nada. Noooo. It was a little unsettling to realize that all the work I've been doing for the last few years is finally coming together and the whole world will be able to be part of it (or at least see the video) in just a few short days.

When I arrived to film against the green screen, there was a large servant day going on in the filming area. A local school had sent their kids to help clean the large church. How cool is that?

But for me, it was a huge distraction. I wish I could have waited or planned around the activity, but I'm against a timeline with the online classes due to start Oct. 5th.

The good news is that the equipment is so finely tuned, it doesn't pick up background noise. The bad news for me is that my ears do. And I am easily distracted by noise because I'm an audio learner first, visual second. What a challenge!

So I buckled down and worked through it with Jesse (my professional videographer.) He was sure a trooper. We came up with a brilliant alternative. We'll see if it worked when all the snippets are pulled together.

The lesson was magnificent! Not for those who will be watching the video or taking the class, but for me. Sometimes I feel like life is such a huge chaos that I have no idea where God is going with His plan. Then all of a sudden, when least expected, His plan pulls together in stunning clarity.

Making the video in fits and starts, short sentences, and retakes is something like God-ordained chaos with an ultimate plan. I know Jesse will be able to cut and paste together a great piece from all the footage we took. In it, though, I felt completely chaotic shooting things totally out of order and backtracking to correct or film a better version of one or two sentences. That's faith. It doesn't make sense in the situation. Later, it all comes together into something spectacular. (Believe me, if Jesse can create a professional product out of all those snippets, it will be spectacular, lol.)

I love how God can take chaos and create order. I love how He used the chaos I experienced today to teach me such a simple concept. God can bring beauty and order out of chaos. All I have to do is have the faith to believe He will and walk in His way regardless of how it feels.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post the new video next week and show you how it all turned out. I'll be updating my website with the class information this week too.

By the way, I figured out it was Wednesday (and my day to post) mmm, about 10 minutes ago! Ever had a day like that?


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