Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Race Against the Clock

In the last two minutes of the day, I am posting. If you had two minutes left...two minutes to do anything in the world...what would you do with them?

I once had the ticking clock against my life. I had to go to surgery to save my life. I spent the night before making a tape for my family. Just in case. I wanted them to know everything I could push into a few minutes.

Funny thing happened after the surgery. I woke up.

Then I couldn't wake up again for a week.

The medicine caused a reaction that took me months to recover from once I did wake up.

I couldn't speak. Then I could say a word or two, but they weren't clear or comprehensible.

After over two months, I was speaking in coherent phrases.

For anyone who knows me, I can talk quite fast. But can you imagine knowing you can talk fast and not being able to anymore?

Can you imagine having your ability to communicate wiped out?

So if you had two minutes, what would you say? To who? About what?



  1. Boy, you did just make it 2 minutes before midnight! :)

    Two minutes...I would try to tell my family I love them. Tell them to be happy. Tell them I'll see them in heaven. And I'd want to tell them each something special I love about him/her. And then I'd want to talk to God.

  2. It's amazing that we realize how important people are, relationships, but not when we are just racing through life in general. I've always said I love you to my family when I say goodbye because I don't want there to be a time that I missed and it is too late. I don't ever want to regret not saying it.