Sunday, September 6, 2009


Christy here.

You'd think as early I woke up this morning, this blog post would have been up MUCH earlier...

However, that's not the case. I'm here to confess 2 things:

1) I'm very thankful for my Lord. His presence; His choice of me; His voice in my heart.

2) I'm proud of myself (just a little ;)

To what does this pertain? You may be wondering...

I have been trying for days, weeks, months to do this, but I've had excuses. I've been tired, I've been this, I've been that.

Today, I finally did it!!! I'm so excited and this is what my 2 things above pertain to...

1) I'm very thankful that my Lord heard my pleas to wake up at 4 AM so I could get some writing done in the quiet of day. I'm thankful He chose me to write stories that glorify Him. I'm thankful that ever since I listened to Him and chose to write for Him, that I have been blessed with wonderful stories in my head, with wonderful friends to blog, network and write with, and an outstanding family that helps me find time to write when 4AM just isn't working.

2)I'm proud of myself that I finally woke up at 4 AM - on my own, void of any alarms. I'm proud that I actually got out of bed and then didn't return to bed because I was sleepy.

This morning I did some much needed revisions and added on to a new scene. I'm 11,000words away from my target word count and I know I'm going to exceed it. But no worries... Exceeding word count is another part of revisions - AND if one house rejects it, another house with a larger word count may be the door I'm to walk through.

Now, I turn it over to you, faithful bloggers... What are you thankful for today? It's Labor day, and a holiday weekend for most. Or, would you care to share with us the earliest or the latest you've been awake trying to finish writing or even reading a book? It seems I'll stay up late to read a good book and sometimes, I've gotten up early to do that too.

In any case, have a wonderful week!


  1. Yay, Christy!! Yay, God!! :)

    I'm hopeless in the morning. But I usually do stay up at night. I'm trying to write more during school hours instead of getting so little sleep. But I do stay up when I'm on a roll or on a deadline. I can usually make it until 2 or 3 am.

    I sent off a proposal yesterday! Yay! And then I've been sleeping like crazy since then. Today, I stayed home from church with my daughter who has the flu. I woke up with a horrible headache, so went back to bed. (I've been sleeping near her to check on her, and I was so uncomfortable that I went to my bed.) She woke me up at 11 am!! And I've already dozed this afternoon. I'm way too sleep deprived, I guess.

  2. Wonderful progress Christy! I'm doubly proud of you.

    I'm thankful that God put wonderful people in my writing path that encourage me when I wonder if I'm walking the right direction with my writing, especially my husband who tries his best to hold me accountable and who takes the kids out so I can have quiet writing time. I'm thankful that God favors me with his presence and has given me a gift of words an enjoyment in writing stories for Him.

  3. I'm not a writer, but I do read this blog and I decided to leave a comment about something I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for a good friend of mine. She's like a "sister" to me. I thankful that I can share things with her and that we can bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other. I'm thankful that she understands were I'm coming from when talking about faith and our church. I'm truly blessed to have her as a friend, and to be able to work with her on a daily basis.

    -single lutheran

  4. Single,
    Good friends are so important and such a blessing! I'm glad you shared about your friend here. I'm sure she probably feels blessed to have you as a friend, too.

  5. Thanks Dianna! I hope you got a lot of writing done today too.

    I didn't add that the reason I want to get up so early is because my daughter gets up about 6:30 or 7am, so I need a good jumpstart on her, LOL! She's not at the age of your children where she'll willingly go with her Dad.Usually, she's disppointed if I'm not going along!

  6. Missy, I'm glad you got some rest yesterday! And that the proposal is mailed!!! WaHoo!!!!

    Hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon. The flu has hit early this year, it seems.

  7. I too am thankful to God---for a lot of things, but especially right now for the writing things. Today is the first day I haven't gotten up early to write on the weekends. I've been getting up at 6 on sat and sun just to get something written. I'm one and 1/2 scenes away from being done with the book...then the revisions begin.

    Yeah to you for almost being done. I know you'll finish soon and get that book out there in the world. I'm cheering and praying for you!
    keep us posted when you finish.

  8. I'm thankful that my daughter got to come home for the weekend to spend time with her daughter. Of course, that also frees me up to do some conference prep work too:-)

  9. The earliest or latest? I definitely have stayed up all night. I've done 48 hours straight to finish on Dec. 31st and keep my word to my agent. I literally made it with minutes to spare. But deadlines and my word are very important to me. So I will do what it takes. I wrote the entire book between Oct. 1st and Dec. 31st.

    Now I'm on the next push to write. I'm staying up late again because I get into the "zone" and don't want to risk stopping.

    I also know I'm a night owl. I try for the early morning and it just doesn't work out. I think God just plain made me a night owl.

  10. Way to go on your progress, Lindi!!
    Let the revisions begin!!

  11. I'm glad your daughter came home. I'm sure it was a special time for all. Hope you were able to get a good start on the Conference prep - 8 days til conference - wahoo!!!

  12. Angie ~ 48 hours ~ You go girl! I'd be dead on my feet, But I guess we go to whatever extreme lengths to get the job done some times. Woo-Hoo!