Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Belinda here.

I had a really crazy dream Saturday night. Actually I had three but I'll only subject you to one of them today.
First you must know I dream OFTEN. And I dream VIVIDLY. I dream in color and what I remember about the dream seems like a lot. But who knows how much of the dream I'm not remembering? I rarely wake up because of a dream, but when I do the emotions are running high.
Sometimes I'll be halfway through the morning and something will trigger my dream from the night before. Then I can piece it together.

So Saturday night I dreamed that hubby and I were staying in a hotel on the border of Canada. I don't know what part of the United States we were in, but I remember thinking that if we walked out on our patio and across the snow we would be in Cananda. There was a couple across the hall we were traveling with. That couple and me were going on a cruise. A cruise that cost me $3700.00. (Now I know that's a dream cause when hubby and I do cruise we don't go unless we can get a ship-rocking deal!!)
And I have no idea why hubby wasn't going on the cruise with us. Well, we had been at the hotel one day and it's about 5:30 in the evening and hubby says to me "aren't you going on your cruise today?"
So I go across the hall to the couple I was cruising with (I have no idea who these people were) and ask them when we were leaving on the cruise. The girl was wearing a pink dress and she was on the phone. She said to me... "Oh, we missed the boat. The only thing we can do now is fly to the first port which is San Juan and that's so expensive, so I'm just seeing where we can have dinner tonight."

I was furious. I stormed out of the room and went back into my room and was crying hysterically. It was all about the wasted money. I kept telling my hubby "that is 3700 dollars. I'm going to find way to get on that boat!!!"

I did wake up then. My heart was racing. I was thankful it was a dream. I remember the emotions all crashing around me.

I think this is how we want readers to respond to our stories. We want them to live the emotions with our characters. If our characters are scared, let the reader be scared. If they are sad the reader might shed a tear or two. If our characters find themselves in a funny situation we want our readers to LOL!!!

So when we are writing we need to put it all out there. No sense in holding out. I hope my books make more sense than my dreams, but I also hope they are just as full of emotion.

What about you? Do you dream? Remember them? Care to share any?


  1. I don't know why I didn't comment on this yesterday. I meant to! Sunday night I dreamed I was mugged. it was the most vivid dream I'd had in a long time - and I was mad! I wasn't about to let that weasle of a man take my purse! Not with out a fight. Luckily, I got my purse back at the end of the dream. Usually my dreams are bland and confusing. This one was pretty clear. Hmmm.

  2. Christy,
    It's amazing to me how clearly we dream sometimes. And the emotions in them is crazy. And I think sometimes we do things we wouldn't do in real life.

    ps--I'm glad you got your purse back!!

  3. I've had dreams where I wake up and am conviced they're real. I'll be wailing crying or furious when I wake up! I had one of those last night! And man, I don't feel rested. What a weird night.

    And now I'll add those emotions to the chapter I'm about to write! :)

  4. Missy,

    If we could only bottle those emotions and unleash them as we write.

    I know you can do it.