Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dressing Like My Characters

Jenn here. I'm supposed to have an enlightening post today, but I'm all in a flutter over my debut novel, Highland Blessings, being available for preorder on Amazon and a few other places. The bookcover isn't up yet, but people can order it! It's also on Christian Book Distributors, and The Christian Post.

Also, this week my postcards arrived and last night my new Renaissance Scottish Highland gown arrived. Can you guess what I'll be wearing at my booksignings? Of course, I had to try it on before I did anything else...well...after I figured out how it went on.

Now I know why they had servants to help one dress back then. I couldn't get those snaps fastened on the bone material of the overdress. Hubby had to help me. At first, I panicked thinking they had made a grave mistake on my measurements, but then I remembered her telling me that the gown was supposed to be tight. One can try to suck it the stomach, but the ribs are impossible, those bones aren't moving...and I didn't want them to! An image of me getting x-rays and trying to explain to the doctor that I was only trying on a dress, didn't sit well with me. Once I got the lein pulled down appropriately, it did fasten, and I wasn't suffocating as I feared. But...I had better not gain one eighth of an inch!

It's a beautiful least I think so!

PS - The photo above is of me in my daughter's Scottish gown because mine didn't arrive in time. Hers is made different without the bone material and has a laced string that ties, not fasteners like mine.


  1. Jenn,
    The dress is beautiful. I can't wait to see the dress you just received. I can imagine those girls back in the day had a hard time breathing!!
    I'm so excited about your book coming out. I can't wait to raed it.

  2. I love it, Jenn! I can't wait to hear how fun your book signings are. Very creative. I think it's important to get into character because it helps us understand their limitations too. Such as how to dress! But seeing the world through their eyes makes a book so much more authentic.


  3. I think I'll start writing historical so I can dress like my characters, LOL! When I was a kid I went through the Gone With the Wind phase and would prance around in a hoop skirt/crinolin my grandmother had ordered for me.

    I can't wait until your book comes out!!!

  4. What an adventure, Jennifer! And you look simply charming! Looking forward to seeing you in your own gown!

  5. How beautiful! I can't wait to see yours as well.

    And I'm still laughing, picturing you in the ER and trying to explain! LOL