Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Facebook Party

Jenn here. Someone forwarded a plan for a Facebook Party on one of the loops I'm own. It was very interesting. The idea is to set a date and a time where everyone would gather on your FB page. The person who did this posted announcements about it everywhere and on her email loops ahead of time. She gave questions for people to answer and had people donate gifts. The gifts couldn't be purchased and those who participated were not required to purchase her book in order to participate. Also, the questions could not pertain to her book as people would have had to buy a copy to get the answers.

She posted a list of postive outcomes as to what she achieved. It included things like building awareness for her books that people otherwise wouldn't have known about. Ten people were given donated copies from her publisher. It increased her FB friend/fan list. Her Amazon sales ranking increased a few weeks prior and during the FB party.

As someone who believes in marketing and getting the word out, I think this is a great idea. What about you? She did say this was very time consuming, and she gave a short list of things she would have done differently. As for me, I've provided so many historical posts on my blog, that I could ask questions relating to previous blog posts and do a sort of scavenger hunt. It wouldn't require a purchase and people might enjoy learning some tidbits of info and winning a prize. This event has got me to wondering about possibilities.

I had originally wanted to hold a contest for those who preordered my book and provide 2 free tickets to the local highland games in the winner's area (USA). But after reading all the "laws" and how different those laws are for each state, my concern grew and my eyes went cross-eyed. If I require a purchase, and do a random drawing, it looks like it would have to be a "sweepstakes" rather than a "contest". I still might do something just here in my state since we have the huge Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and that would only limit me to one set of state laws to worry about. I'm still debating...

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.


  1. The FB party sounds great! Could you share her fan site with us so we can check out what she did?


  2. I've never been to a FB party but know a lot of people are doing it. I'd be interested to know how successful they really are.