Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Less Than Perfect

Mindy here. This is my watch. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at my local WalMart. Those who know me can probably guess why. It's got bling :-) And all for the bargain price of only ten dollars.

However, after only a couple of weeks, one of the stones fell out, leaving my watch less than perfect. Now, I am not a perfectionist by any stretch of the mind, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it when things are perfect. I'd like my house to be perfect, each item perfectly arranged so it looks like a scene from a magazine, and everything organized to a tee. I like my clothes to look perfect, each outfit perfectly accessorized, and the perfect outfit for whatever the occasion.

This quest for perfection carries over to my writing too. I've labored over opening lines and scenes until I'm blue in the face. But ask any author who's read their published work and they'll point out things they wish they could change or would have done differently.

As much as I would like perfection, I'll never achieve it. There's always something that's one stone shy. And I can live with that. Because if I were perfect, if I did everything just right, how hard would it be to live up to that? Talk about pressure.

Let's face it, we will never be perfect. At least not in this world.

Philippians 3:12 says, "Not that I have . . . already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me."

We aren't called to be perfect. We're called to do our best, doing it "for the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31b) Perfection is not the goal, seeing the face of our glorious Lord and Savior is. And that is something I can definitely live with.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


  1. I am like you as everything in my house has a place to be and has to be there, I can't keep it as clean as I used too when I was younger, but it sure is not cluttered. When something is in a room where it is not supposed to be as I go to another room I pick it up and put it in its place, I also have to have all my books no creased but use a book mark and they have to be organised with the same author together if I have more than one by an author, so you see I really need to win more books I love them and will treat them really nice. LOL

    May God bless


  2. Boy Edna, you're on top of that organization thing. I long to be like you. Clutter seems to be everywhere in my house. Matter of fact, my hubby and I have both decided it is time de-clutter. I say if I don't love it, or unless it has sentimental value, it needs to be gone. I am working toward that place-for-everything-everything-in-its-place mode though. Sigh. Now if the schools would quit sending home all those blasted papers!

  3. I'd like to have everything in its place, but that's not how my brain works. :-) I'm always inspired by those who have that ability.

    One thing I appreciate about the striving for perfection is that it's written in the New Testament. The place where grace abounds. I get very tired of perfection being held as a hammer over others and if x or y isn't done the exactly perfect way that someone else would do it, well then it is wrong.

    I love the grace factor of doing our best and allowing God to work through that "best" in whatever way he wishes. It's not up to me to be perfect or even have my house in perfect order. It's up to God to use my lack of perfection for his purpose and glory.

    I do wish I liked keeping house but I don't think that's going to change any time soon. ;-)

  4. You know, Angie, I have yet to meet a writer who likes housework. We probably loathe it because it gets in the way of what we really want to do--WRITE!

  5. Perfection? I'm probably as far from that concept as anyone can get. My descriptors are Organized Disorganization. To the naked eye everything's a mess, but ask me where something is and I can usually tell you where it's at?

    Am I happy with this? Not really, but I've accepted who I am and my limitations. Plus, God loves me anyway. :)

  6. I'm an organizational junkie! Everything has its place and everything has to be in its place. There may be an inch of dust on the furniture because I also hate housework but everything is organized. I'm also a list maker. I've been accused of having a list of all the lists I have going at one time!

    Thanks for reminding us perfectionists wanna-bes that there is no such person except for Christ!

  7. Great post, Mindy! And I loved the comments, too.

    One thing I always try to remember is the word translated into "perfection" in the Bible doesn't really mean perfect (without flaw) like we think of it. It means "completion". (I'm not positive about the example you gave, but think it's usually so). I like that we can strive not toward being perfect, but toward completion, toward being more and more what God has planned for us.