Thursday, October 8, 2009

Second Annual Shoe Guessing Contest!!

Well, I guess it's official. We'll be holding our Shoe Guessing Contest annually! This year, only four of us were able to attend the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Denver--Missy, Angie, Mindy and Christy. So give us your best guess! Which shoe belongs to which FAITH girl??
The one who guesses the most correctly will win a copy of my upcoming book from Steeple Hill Love Inspired, A Forever Christmas (available now at!) If more than one person guesses correctly, I'll do a random drawing from among those names. You can enter between now and Sunday night. Winner will be announced Monday. So have fun!


  1. Ok, here goes.......... top center is Angie, counterclockwise, Missy, Christy, and last but not least......Mindy.

  2. Oooh, this is fun. Next year we are going to have to ask why that shoe belongs to so and so. :-)

  3. This is fun! Clockwise from the top, center:
    Angie, Mindy, Missy, Christy

  4. I will say the shoes belongs to:

    Missy Black with black hose
    Christi Black strap with rinestones
    Mindy Silver stap
    Angie Navy


  5. Black closed toe- Christy
    Navy open toe- Missy
    Black rhinestone- Angie
    Silver- Mindy

    And I'm guessing as if I know y'all??

  6. Even though I wasn't there I have my suspicions!

  7. Here are my guesses ~
    Center: Angie
    Right: Mindy
    Lower Center: Christy
    Left: Missy

    Many thanks, Cindi

  8. You're all doing great. Keep the guesses coming. I'll check them tomorrow. :)

  9. I forgot all about doing the contest results yesterday! The real shoe wearers are as follows:
    Top center with rhinestones, Missy.
    Silver on right, Angie.
    Black with black hose, Christy.
    Navy, Mindy.

    So here are the results:

    Two commenters got 0 right. Sorry! :)
    Three commenters got 1 correct. Way to go!

    So I did a drawing from among those who got one right, and the winner is...

    Anonymous!! Please email me at missytippens [at] and send me your address. I'll mail the book out to you!

  10. Yea Cuz Wendy !!!

  11. Yay, Wendy! I wondered if that was you. :)


  12. Wendy, I got your addy! But everytime I try to email you back, it gets returned to me.

    I'll get the book out to you by next week! :)

  13. Geez oh man,............its a major problem with the new Yahoo stuff,............. my Mom says the same thing, but she can compose a new mail and it comes fine, just cant respond to one of mine. I am PATIENTLY (Yea, like Im so patient) working this out with sorry. If you need to contact me, try starting a new mail. So sorry for the problem, if you REALLY need to contact me, ask Lindi for my phone #.......... Id rather not post it here !!!

    Thanks however Missy, I am looking forward to reading...........