Sunday, October 11, 2009


Christy here.

When do you decide on the title of your book? Is the title one of the first things you think of? Or, do you write the book and then secure a title? What may cause you to change your title?

I bring up this topic today because it is an issue we all deal with. It's important to find the perfect title for our books. We want a title that will encompass the story's theme, and will pique a reader's interest. Recently, a friend of mine considered changing her title based on an appointment she'd had with an agent. A literary agent can give you good advice, they know the business.

Much of what may make us change our minds may be the publishing house. If they want to buy the book and want us to change the title, then we may lean toward their corner. It depends on how strong you are attached to the title. If you chose it on a whim, you may not hurt to let it go, verses if your whole theme of the manuscript revolves around this title.

One thing I love about book titles is finding them within the story. I'm currrently reading Deeann Gist's A Bride Most Begrudging - great book, I've laughed and surprised myself by crying - but it was a treat to find her title among dialogue.

As a reader, when I'm buying a book, I consider the author first. I consider the title second and what makes me buy the book or reshelve it is the back cover blurb.

How about you? Does it matter to you readers out there what the title of a book is?

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  1. Most often I just write and as the writing progresses the names of the characters and the title just seems to 'be there'. If I try to start with a title I more often than not write to fit the title and the story tends to lose something.
    It's like naming a child, you spend months trying to figure out a good name (one that won't take a lot of ridicule) and when you see the child the name just doesn't fit.

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  3. I love thinking of titles. I probably put more time into it than I should. For me I always have a title before I start the book. The title may change, but I don't think I've ever named a project "Unknown."

    I have a book I wrote that was titled An Unexpected Love. I was targeting Steeple Hill. It soon became apparent to me that it wasn't a SH project. I rewrote the book in first person. The title didn't fit anymore. I remember thinking and thinking about the new title. Something that would embody the new tone..same title new tone. Then I was blog hopping and came to Angie's blog. Her post title that day was "This Crazy Life I Never Expected."

    I said...that's it...that's my new title, but I switched the word Life out for Love.
    I emailed Ang and she said "Sure--use it."
    So that's been the title of the book ever since.
    This Crazy Love I Never Expected. (Or TCLINE) as my files tend to be abbreviations.

    Anyway, that's probably more info than anyone wanted to read.
    Just thought I'd share.

  4. Good thoughts Christy. I usually start out with my titles and on my first story the title wasn't a problem. But, on my second story (I'm working on now) I titled in a hurry just to have a file name. That will probably change before I'm done.

  5. Voice ~ Thanks for stopping by FAITH. I like your comparison to naming a book and naming a child, very true!

  6. Lindi, I love hearing about how you came across the title of that book. When it's published, you'll be sharing that story again! Sometimes titles just sneak up on you!

  7. Dianna,
    Of course you inspired this post, with us talking about titles the other day. I have to start out with something to call the folder that I keep the WIP in on the cpu. I expect to change it at some point, either as I progress in the story or if I'm lucky enough to find a publisher interested in picking it up. As writers, it's good to be flexible!