Monday, October 26, 2009

The Vine

Hi! Belinda here. I'm sharing something with you today that I received in my email last week. I subscribe to a daily devotional called The Vine. Bob Gass is the gentleman who started this devotional.
I thought this would be great to share with all writers. And then, after Jenn's post on Saturday....well God has a plan.

You're a W.I.P

Now we are children of God, and we have not yet been shown what we will be in the future.
1 John 3:2 NCV
The surest way to get discouraged is to compare yourself with others. The Bible says, "Don't compare yourself" (Galatians 6:4 CEV), because some people will look like they're doing a better job and you'll get disheartened, while others won't be as effective and you'll become proud. "Concentrate on doing your best… (2 Timothy 2:15 TM). That way, "You will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and… won't need to compare yourself… (Galatians 6:4 NLT). All the apples on a tree don't ripen at the same time. Paul says, 'knowledge and understanding' take time (Philippians 1:9-10).
One successful author says, "When I began writing, I found myself fumbling with that part of myself. 'I want to be a writer,' I'd think, 'but I have to get this number of books published and this number of good reviews first.' It can take years and many successes in any new area… before we can confidently say to ourselves and others, 'I am'… what has God called you to do? Don't wait until you're successful… Start now by saying you are what you want to become… Yes, you've much to learn… and you may not be an expert… but you don't have to be, to say those two little words I am."
John writes: "Now we are children of God, and we have not yet been shown what we will be in the future" (1 John 3:2 NCV). God uses crooked sticks to draw straight lines and imperfect people to do His perfect will. So, push ahead, cut yourself some slack, and remember you're a W.I.P. - a work-in-progress!

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This isn't a devotional specifically for writers. It just so happened this one was geared that way.

Have a blessed day! And rejoice in the Lord!


  1. Great post, Lindi. Very encouraging.

  2. good post, like to read all the blogs and interviews.


  3. Edna,
    Always good to see you here! Glad you enjoyed today's post.

  4. Lindi,

    Your post today is excellent and very encouraging! I'm signing up to receive The Vine email.


  5. That was great timing for me. The world seems hyper-critical of anyone and everyone these days. With airbrushing models to ultra demanding bosses to the loss of courtesy in our culture, we forget that we are growing and not grown.