Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Inspires You?

Angie here:
As I considered and then entered the pageant world, one concern I had to overcome was would it be a valuable endeavor. Well, I can tell you now that it has been an incredible adventure in confidence building and volunteerism on steroids!

In the process I came up with a book idea (spurred on by a brainstorm from my agent, Tamela!) We talked and talked about the idea of a beauty book. But we didn't want the skin deep kind of thing you can pick up anywhere. It had to have inner beauty and share how to gain courage to live out your life calling.

So the research started and led to another idea. I needed to interview women on confidence, why they had it and what they had to overcome to get it! My curiosity took over. I'm having the most wonderful time interviewing beauty queens who have a significant contribution to their communities, what fear they've overcome, and how they've earned their confidence!

I decided to share the interviews :-)

So starting November 1st I will have them posted on all month. One beauty queen a day. I'm asking some hard questions, some fun ones, and learning from these amazing people about how they embraced their platforms and live it daily. These ladies are full of substance and excellent inspiration. They are Courageous Beauties.

What do you think makes a woman courageous or confident?


  1. I've always wished I had the answer to this, Angie. So I look forward to your interviews.

    I suspect that it comes from knowing you're a child of God, and that you're loved no matter what.

  2. Angie,

    I totally agree with Missy. The more I learn of how much God loves me, and how He looks at me, the more confident I grow in Him and in my calling.

    Great post!