Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking with Family

Christy here, bringing to the blog and to you readers a non-writing related request.

My daughter is 4 and can crack an egg better than I can. I'm not kidding. She helped me make scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. Her job was to break the egg yolks into the bowl. She did all ten wonderfully and didn't get any shell in the bowl.

Had I been breaking the eggs, there would have been shell. Lotta shell. I've been breaking eggs for twenty plus years and I still don't have the knack for it. Anywho... I have a point I'm working toward...

A few weeks ago my daughter's Pre-K class requested a list of recipes so they could make a recipe book. They wanted recipes that we used to cook with our kids. This gave me an idea for my blog and I wanted to know if anyone out there would be willing to contribute...

I'm looking for your recipe and a picture of you and your child or grandchild baking together. I'm thinking I'll run the posts once a week - either on Thursday for "Inspiring You" or on Saturday for my "Slice of Life" posts. (This is still in the planning stages ;) Here's a link to my blog, At Split Ends.

Right now, the blog is full of CFBA book reviews. It'd be nice to put some real life into the "At Split Ends" blog and may inspire me to cook more at home. Give a hand to this mom who's always At her Split and Wits End over something....whether its writing or life related.

You can email your submissions to me at christylashea at gmail dot com.
Please include your mailing address with your submission so I can thank you with a small token of my appreciation once I post your recipe and photo on the blog.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


  1. Great idea, Christy. I'll have to think on that one. I have cooked with my kids, but I don't know that we've ever taken pictures of it.

  2. Well, Dianna, you may have to take a picture of the kids in the kitchen. just something random. I forgot to mention the picture I used today was for Downey's 4th birthday party when we made her cake. Here I'm showing she and I working on the icing (The best part ;)

    Send me a recipe!!

  3. What a fun idea! I hope you get lots of takers. I'd love to see the posts. :)

  4. Great idea. Wish I had a recipe to share. But, no family recipes. all came out out of cookbooks, but all three of my children used to cook with me and now cook for me on occasion. My youngest, 14, makes the best pancakes ever.

  5. Yum, Amy! We eat frozen pancakes around here. I need to teach the children how to do "real" ones! :)

  6. Amy, most of my recipes come out of cookbooks too. I'm not original at all, although I love watching Food Network and hope some of what Barefoot Contessa does will filter thru the TV to me.

    I'd say if anyone wants to submit a recipe their kids have helped them with, just add a line about where the recipe came from so we'll give that author the credit!

  7. Missy,
    Faith Girls are eligible to submit as well!

  8. Your daughter looks so precious! She's a little Christy, isn't she?