Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Creative Space

Angie here: Today I am painting with my daughter. We're getting seriously creative with my new office walls. The new office is because I am transitioning out of my family heating company and into a creative working life as the president of Full Spirit Magazine!

While I'll be working with the new national magazine, I'll also be continuing in to teach online classes, speak at women's retreats, seminars, and special events.

These positions require a lot of creativity! They also require a lot of writing and people skills. So in order to encourage creativity in my professional life and provide a space to work from my home base, we did some minor remodeling in our home.

Here's the before photos of what used to be my daughter's bedroom (and then she had the foresight to grow up and move out so I could use it.)

Now my daughter, Mariah, is back helping me have fun with color and create a space that will inspire me to want to spend lots of time in there.

The inspiration for the colors comes from an inherited Swedish pitcher set made of amethyst blown glass and toll painted.

The set was handed down from mother to daughter in my family since the 1850's. There wasn't much information when I got it except that I knew it had been given to my grandmother in 1920. (There's more, but it's the basis of an historical fiction I'd like to do next year.)

So I wanted to learn more. I contacted a Swedish museum and found out that this pitcher was a common design between 1850-1860. Because there is no marking on the bottom, it's assumed to be a design that was stolen between glass manufacturers (common practice back then) and just recreated. The unusual factor is the tumbler. Most were mere amethyst glass and not toll painted to match the pitcher making this one rare.

Now it would be cool to tell you that it was priceless. sigh. But it is not because of the commonality of the design at the time. It is however, priceless to me. I've loved it all my life for the family connection, beauty, and imagination it inspires.

Next week I hope to have the office done (new picture windows are already installed) to show you. There's even a wall hanging my step-mom made me that matches the pitcher set. The colors are just because I love them. I found the hanging again and became very excited at the providential match to the Swedish pitcher!

Once the walls are sponge painted and my "L" shaped countertop is installed, I'll feel like we've created my special space. A place I feel happy, confident, and inspired to keep working and a place full of warmth to create new stories.

This office is a dream come true for me.

Tell me about a dream of yours.

PS Remember to come visit the Courageous Beauties interviews over at all this month. 30 beauty queens interviewed on courage, confidence, and some awesome experiences. (I did have a schedule change and so posted my interview today. I hope you will enjoy it, but I also hope you will read the other interviews. They are all so amazing!)


  1. Ang,
    Your new space sounds like it's going to be great. I love getting "revamped". Putting energy into a space will certainly spark creativity. Especially with all the thought you've put into it.
    And I know this room is a "real" office. You've been shifting around and I'm sure this is going to become your special place. Make sure you post pics. Can't wait to see them.

  2. Great ideas, Angie, and good luck with the magazine plans! May you be blessed and very creative within those walls.

  3. I can't wait to see the final photos!

  4. Thanks :-) I wish you could be here too, Mindy!

    Mariah and I worked fast on the base coat and did the whole room in 3 hours.

    Then tonight we added sponge painting to one wall and the closet doors.

    In the morning, we will cover the sponge painting in a layer of translucent sponging. I'm so praying that it will pull it together.

    But to soothe our worry at the half finished look, we carried in the wall hanging and the pitcher. We were really surprised at how the random look suddenly changed.

    I'll definitely post pics of the finished product. Hubby has the countertop to install, window trim, and then we add the curtains. (Which I think need to suddenly change from what they were going to be...)

    So for any special occasion, I told my daughter we're going to have to make a list of accent items to round out the look :-) She agreed and has plans to tell everyone, lol.

    We're going to sign the sponge wall just like artists in the bottom right corner! I've just had a wonderful time doing this with Mariah.

  5. I have been wanted some of my walls painted but can't do it anymore myself and all my family are too busy, so I am so glad you can share this with your daughter and someone that writes all the time needs a neat nice place to work

    May God bless