Saturday, November 21, 2009

Learning as I Go

On Monday, I had a deadline for my macro edits on Highland Blessings. In addition to the edits, I had to turn in my Acknowledgments, Author's Note, and Discussion Questions. What was the lesson I learned?

Write the Acknowledgments, Author's Note, and Discussion Questions before the deadline is due. The edits are the only thing you have to wait on because you need your editor's feedback. The other pieces come directly from you--the author. It might save some time on your deadline.

Just wanted to offer a tip as I learn from hindsight.


  1. Jenn, good advice. I've learned to try to do the questions as I'm writing (although I haven't remembered to do it yet!). But I'm going to write myself a note to do it this time. :)

  2. And actually, I'm talking about doing it that way so I can remember the story well enough!

  3. I agree. It does help if your story is fresh on your mind.