Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life Goes On...

This morning I woke up confused...

Christy here. Some of you may say, well girl, I'm not surprised. LOL.

As the "crud" moves from my chest to my head, I am still in recovery and hoping this illness will leave me soon. I'm not a good patient. I'd rather be left alone than coddled, but there again, I like a little pampering too.

See, told you I was confused.

Time wise, we fell backward last night. This further added to my confusion. I'm working on getting the clocks changed, although some I had just changed a few months ago from when we Sprang Forward. Also, I thought Atomic Clocks changed automatically. Ours didn't. Another clock to update.

On a more serious note... I pulled up email this morning to find out a good friend's husband had been involved in a head on collision Tuesday evening. I immediately started praying for Mercer and his family. Since Tuesday, this gentleman has gone through at least two surgeries and has been transported from our local hospital to a larger hospital in Atlanta. I sympathize with my friend Christina and her sons and their families. It's hard enough when your loved one is in the hospital, but I believe the real challenges come after... once the injured has been discharged, yet therapy and care is still so important.

Changes may need to be made to your home to accommodate the patients special needs. Recovery can take a while and the injuries can be difficult to overcome.

It never fails to amaze me how life goes on.

No matter what's going on in your life, there is someone else who is enduring something darker and sometimes, going through something better. Our Lord is always there, though, always in the middle, waiting for us to lean on Him. That fact is one thing I'm not confused about. Thank the Lord, I've always known He was there, even in the darkest times.


  1. I hate this time change wish they would leave it alone, it takes me a long time to get back and then it is time to change it again,


  2. Christy, so true.

    I hope you keep getting better. You need your strength for the holidays! (Which will be here before we know it!!)

  3. Here, here!! God is always there as I've had to remind myself a lot this year. And, it always helps to keep your focus on helping others rather than on what we are going through individually.

    My husband always changes the clocks in our house because I always forget to keep up with DST. The only thing he doesn't change for me is my watch. One year, I subtracted an hour for 6 months, then when it was time to fall back the time was already correctly set!! Sounds like me, huh? LOL

  4. Christy,

    It is so comforting to know that God is always with us - no matter what may be going on in our life at any given moment.

    I'm not overly fond of the time change. The main thing I do to make sure I'm not late or early to church is I change my alarm clock as soon as I get up on Saturday. If no other clock gets changed until the next day, I'm still up on time. :)

  5. Glad I could make you laugh Missy. :)

  6. I'm up an extra hour this morning b/c I forgot to change the clocks at home when we arrived home last night. I thank God my cell phones and computer automatically change. I'd be in trouble otherwise.

  7. Hi, Edna ~ I'm wondering if it's the issue with "time" that we have or the issue with "change" ??? I try to be flexible, but sometimes, a change in my schedule can throw me completely off!

  8. You know, Missy, beyond the pumpkin, I haven't even decorated for fall. Maybe I can find something fall-like on sale, like a wreath and hang it on the door. By the time I do that, it'll be time to hang up Christmas stuff!

  9. Oh Lord, Dianna, and I thought I was a procrastinator!! That's your watch, girl. LOL!

  10. Hey, Jenn, hope you got something done you've been needing to do during that extra hour! And I agree, thank goodness the cell phones and cpus change on their own!

  11. Hey, Edwina, I like that plan. If the alarm clock by the bed is changed, at least you're up with everyone else when you're supposed to be! Great idea!