Monday, November 16, 2009

The Revelation

Belinda here.

Our pastor talked about the book of Revelation yesterday morning. He talked about the 7 letters to the 7 churches. The last letter went to the Laodiceans. Jesus told them they were lukewarm. They weren't hot or cold. And he wished they would at least be one.

The same is true about writing. Lukewarm writing isn't good enough. And I've written alot of very lukewarm stuff. Sometimes we just need to have things presented to us in a different way, through a different source in a totally non-writing environment. Who knew I would have a revelation regarding writing while listening to a sermon on Revelation.

What is even more amazing is that on Saturday I felt like I was being told I needed to go one level deeper with my writing. I had been dwelling on that and then in church it all came together.

This is where I put my disclaimer in. The next part is totally my opinion.

I think the way to get around lukewarm writing is to write with a passion. A passion about your characters. A passion about your theme, your message. I do believe you have to just plain be excited about what you're writing. It's a level that's hard to maintain but I believe with prayer and determination it can happen.

So, what do you do to maintain your passion for your story? Any suggestions?


  1. Great post, Lindi!

    How do I maintain my passion? Hmmm, interesting question. I'm still working on that one, but I can tell you this: I've learned to recognize when I'm too tired to write. If I try to push my characters around when I'm too tired then I usually get frustrated, and at that point my passion is definitely missing.

  2. Good morning, Dianna. I do agree it's hard to write when we are too tired. It's hard to focus when the words are all running together.
    Keep it going. I know you are going to finish soon. Make sure you comment over here at the F.A.I.T.H. blog when you do. I'm excited for you!!

  3. Hi Lindi!

    Great blog! I realized about 2 weeks ago that my passion was not directed in the proper place. I'm taking the current ACFW class "Writing From Your Passion" and realized that my passion is the theme of my book and has caused my WIP to be "preachy." So, I'm rethinking my direction and will base my passion on my 2 main characters.


  4. I don't write, but I know what I look for in Christian reads. Spiritual insights that the characters learn, and thus us. The book series that I've read recently, The Passion series by Julie Lessman, had tons of Spiritual insights. Scripture should rule how we act and think, and this series 'hit the nail on the head' without preaching. Hope this helps.

  5. Lindi, great post! When I pitched an idea to my editor, she told me to just write something I'm passionate about! So yes, that's what they want to see.

    I loved the book The Moral Premise that agent Natasha Kern recommended in a workshop I attended. I plowed through that book quickly, and it resonates so strongly with me. It's time to re-read it as I'm working on new proposals.

  6. Dianna, we definitely need to rest sometimes. I can fall asleep at the computer--which is crazy! I remember reading over some of my words one day after a late night writing session. It didn't even make sense! It was hilarious.

  7. Edwina, that's an interesting point! I'll have to check out that class. I think they post the notes after the classes are over.

  8. Linda, you're right about Julie's books. She feels so strongly about those things in real life, and it carries over into her writing.

  9. Passion means we touch our readers emotions, without that, just Jesus told the Laodicians, it's lukewarm and it makes you want to spit it out. Blech.

    Whether we write christian fiction or or any other genre of fiction, we have to write what we FEEL for others to receive the emotional impact. It's telling a good story. It's bringing in conflicts that our characters have to solve so they can grow. In christain lit, sometimes it's a crisis of faith, or facing tribulations and how our characters move forward with faith intact. Or how they find faith, when they didn't have it.

    Tell a good story, focus on creating real 3 dimensional characters, give realistic issues that many face in today's world and do it without seeming like you're preaching, and you've got something worth reading. Something with depth.

  10. Edwina, great insight. Don't you love the ACFW classes? I'm glad you're on track with your manuscript. I hope to see you Sat at the GRW meeting!

  11. Linda,
    I'm reading the Passion Most Pure right now. And yes, the way the characters think and live is where the spiritual "stuff" comes from. Julie did a great job with that, I agree.
    I hope that's how my characters are going to be. They need to be true to their worldview.

  12. Sia,
    great points. Conflict, 3 dimensional characters, they all have to combine to make a great read.

  13. Missy,
    I do want to check out that book The Morale Premise. It sounds great and just like something I need to read. I've about wore out these 2 James Scott Bell books I have.