Monday, December 21, 2009

Finding Your Christmas Niche

Hi-Belinda here.

For years I have listened to friends and family talk about their favorite part of Christmas. Some of them can't wait to bake. Some make candy. Some love the crazy shopping. I never really had any one thing I really loved to do during this festive time.
Until now.
It started last year. I posted on how I had made the Christmas packages look as festive as possible. Since we were cutting back financially, I thought at least what we did have could look nice.

Well this year I got out all of the paper, tape, and everything to wrap the packages. And then I decided to get the bow maker and make a bow for a certain package.
I was loving it. The next thing I knew I had wrapped 4 packages and had made a bow to go with each one.

So after all these years I have found something I love doing and can actually relax while I'm doing it.

How about you? What do you love doing most during these holidays? Are you a baker? Shopper? Wrapper? Or maybe there's another bow maker out there.

Fess up!!

Merry Christmas.


  1. My favorite part of Christmas is just relaxing with family and watching the children in the family open their gifts. Their expressions are often priceless.

  2. Oh, you know me, I love it all. The decorating, the baking, the wrapping, the shopping...though I hate shopping when it's this close to Christmas. I used to be one to have all my shopping done by December 1. These last couple years that hasn't happened though. Sigh. Makes it much easier to enjoy December when I don't have that hanging over my head.

  3. Dianna,
    That is a great part--watching kids. I love it too!!

  4. Mindy,
    Yes, I often think of you this time of the year. (I think about you throughout the year, also btw...frequently) but you're kind of like my inspiration during the holidays. I wanna be like Mindy!! I'm trying. Had the decorations up earlier this year than any other.
    I'm getting there.

  5. My favorite part is sitting at home, enjoying the lights at night when it's quiet and still. I also enjoy having everything lit up with everyone at home. Maybe all watching a Christmas movie.

    Now that I have a son away at college, the best part has become having all kids home! :)

  6. Missy,
    I agree about having the kids home. What a blessing. I get to see Alex almost all day Christmas day. I'm very excited!! And just wait until you have grandkids! That's an awesome part also. They are so darned cute!