Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is it worth the gamble?

Angie here. I did something completely scary this week. I wondered, "Is it worth the gamble?"

Have you ever done that? Weighed the opportunity against the fear?

People think I'm very confident. I competed for Mrs. International, right? Really what I do is balance my desire to achieve something against my fear of not achieving it. I think in the book I'm working on one chapter is going to have to be on weighing the consequences.

I think confidence isn't so much that you know you won't fail but more on the fact that you know you have to take the chance.

What do you think?

So what did I do this week that was so scary? ;-) Oh it would be so fun to not tell (and protective.) But I'll share. I auditioned for the movie A Christmas Snow via uploading a video for the whole world to see on facebook!

Could you do that? I wondered if I could. I mean potentially millions of people can laugh at a person doing something like that. But the reality is after reading the entire script, I felt a kinship with the lead character. I wanted to take the chance. And do you know what? Almost 200 other people did too!

They gamble was worth it because it made me stretch way outside of my comfort zone. But let me tell you it was more than that. I've been uber sick for 10 days. I don't own a video camera and I had no idea how to do the techie stuff. All the odds were against me.

I felt like it was worth the stretch to see if I could do it. So I borrowed a camera and learned how to upload it even though it wasn't compatible with my laptop.

Are you getting the picture? There were a lot of obstacles. Then add to it the really bad flu complete with fever, coughing, sore throat and fatigue. But that's just the obstacles. The goal was to audition. The obstacles can be leaped ;-)

What do I know about myself? I'm goal oriented and an achiever. I wanted to audition. So I swallowed my fear of not knowing how to use the video, not knowing how well I'd do against anyone else, not knowing if I could get through the scene without coughing my heart out into the camera. And I did it-dosed up on all sorts of cold medicines, but I did it.

I'm so proud of me for not giving up. I have no idea how anyone else feels about the audition yet, but I gave it all I had this week! It's on my facebook profile page from last Thursday. (Just be really nice about how pasty I look, lol, I was wiped out! We filmed it in my new office so there's minor glimpses of the remodel. Thank you to Julie for braving my cold to help!)

I weighed the consequence of how I'd feel if I just curled up in bed and drank tea all week. I knew I'd regret not trying. I knew I'd feel frustrated that I didn't give it my all. I couldn't live with those consequences, those feelings of looking back and wishing I'd tried.

So sick as all get out, borrowed camera, good friend willing to help film, late night battle with learning how to upload a video from a non-compatible camera to Mac to facebook, and I succeeded in the mission. I auditioned. The hurdles were pretty big, but the consequence felt bigger.

Now you know the secret to how I determine if it's worth the gamble. Am I more afraid of the consequence than of the action? Play it out for yourself and see if you make a different choice than you originally would by imagining your consequence.

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  1. Ang,
    Doing something out of our comfort zone always leads us to find excuses not to do it. Congrats on forging ahead. Getting it done. Technical stuff really frustrates me.

  2. Angie,
    Good for you! I think that is a great way to determine if anything is worth the effort! I hope you get the part - you would be perfect. And, I hope you get well very soon!


  3. I like that. Balancing fear against what you want to accomplish.

    Great job! I'll have to check it out.

  4. Ah, thanks you guys :-) I really hope I do get it. But at least I don't regret NOT trying. And the cold is easing a little today, sigh. Happy to be breathing.