Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mac Computer power supply can melt...

Angie here. Oh I learned so much accidentally today. I have a 13" macbook that I love. My entire career is inside this little laptop. I'd recently been given an Amazon gift card and so I did the right thing and "dressed" my little Lila The Laptop (named by my son several years ago.)

Lila now has a pink keyboard protector. LOVE this $6 purchase because on top of its main purpose of protecting my laptop keyboard, it has one brilliant side effect. It stops the sharp rub on the edge of the laptop when I type. If your macbook has a rough edge (most do) I highly suggest this minimalist fix!

Then I really dressed little Lila up by purchasing a purple macbook computer case that snaps on and helps protect it from falls (of which there have been a few scares.) Happy me, it's really pretty and I love the look.

But the newest purchases came out of accidental necessity. Sigh. I didn't mean to do it. I didn't know I did it. I really blew it. I tossed a canvas carry bag back against the wall and right on top of the macbook power supply. For those non-mac folks, it's a square box about 3" X 3" that extends and protects the cord from power surges.

The bag was on the power supply for most of the day. No smell, no warning, and I didn't notice the laptop had gone to reserve battery instead of AC power. sigh, sigh again.

The message popped up that I was about to lose power. As I tried to figure out what happened, I moved the bag. The bottom was heavy plastic and had a hot, hot imprint of a 3" X 3" square.

Upon closer examination, I realized the cord was about to catch on fire. It'd turned caramel brown and melted at the entrance to the box! I'd melted and blown the power supply and darn near started a house fire by accidentally covering the power supply with a tote bag!

$79 later, I have a new cord and I'm able to work again. But I learned so much today--that the Mac computer power supply can melt!

I'm grateful I didn't leave the room and allow a house fire. I'm grateful the cord didn't blow up and destroy my computer. I'm very grateful for simple things like pop-up messages when the battery is getting low.

I'm most grateful to learn from accidents so I'm able to avoid bigger ones.

Have you learned from an accident lately? Tell me about it.
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  1. What a scare, Angie!

    Lindi, remember when your laptop overheated while sitting on a blanket? That was a big scare, too.

    My biggest scare was the blue screen of death. My computer just went blue all of a sudden. Thank goodness, I just had to restart it. I never did know what happened. But it was my wakeup call. I now use an offsite backup ( If my computer ever dies and I have to get a new one, Mozy will upload all my files to the new computer. Very cool! And comforting.

  2. Missy I do remember. That was terrible. Now I have an online backup service, too. Mine is Carbonite.