Saturday, December 19, 2009

Out of Power

I'm sorry my post is a little late. We were out of power all morning. We've been huddling under blankets. My hubby finally ventured out to get us some coffee and some breakfast. Most everyone in our area were also out of power.

We were so excited to see snow last night. Big, fat flakes fell cross-cross in the wind. But the celebration was short-lived as it quickly turned to more sleet and ice. We ended up getting more ice than snow. We were all disappointed.

Being out of power brings one back to the old days to what it was like before power. My daughter kept asking questions about what they used to do. She was bored! With no TV, no computer, she was getting quite restless and began serenading us. My hubby kept bringing to her remembrance some of the Little House on the Prairie shows. We sat down and read some of Missy's book together! She's enjoying your story, Missy! We also played a memory game in which she beat me by more than double. (I'm getting old, okay, my memory isn't what it used to be!)

I thought about writing, but the desire to do so wasn't that strong. I decided to crash on the couch instead. Something about being out of power makes one want to sleep. Why is that?


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. The one thing I miss the post when we are out of power is the coffee maker!!! Haha!

  3. I'm feeling for you, Jennifer. My parents are getting lots of snow as well, but last I heard they still had power.

    Happy napping!

  4. Hapi,
    Thanks for coming by.

    Faith--you are right. The coffee is the worst. I LOVE my morning coffee!!

    Hi Dianna!

    Jenn, snow is much prettier than ice. We had a little rain here last night but the temps were too warm for it to do anything.
    I hope you are able to get out and about today. Safely.

  5. Jenn,
    You needed peace and extra sleep...

    Here's your opportunity for extra sleep, but I hope the power came back on quickly!

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by. And Christy, yes, it was some much needed rest.

  7. Yes, that's always one of those things that sounds like such a wonderful adventure, until it actually happens. About thirty minutes into the adventure, you're ready for it to be over. As for the sleep, probably because your body was working overtime to stay warm.