Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Do Your Mornings Look Like?

Missy here. It's Wednesday night while I'm writing this. And I've got a craving for coffee! I was just watching an ad on TV, and before I knew it, my mouth was watering for coffee. And that made me think of my morning routine (since I don't usually drink coffee at night).

Everyone morning after I wake up and make sure the kids are out of bed (they're now using their alarm clocks!) and are either eating or showering, I stumble, bleary eyed, to feed the dogs. Some mornings, I make the poochies wait while I get the coffee started. But most mornings, I try to act selflessly and feed the poor babies first. :) As soon as they're taken care of, I start my coffee:

Starbucks Sumatra mixed with either Cafe Verona or Italian Roast. Brewed strong enough to walk. (My mother-in-law can't even drink it! She either waters it down, or we make her another pot.) :)

Then I add flavored creamer--my favorite at the moment is Caramel Macchiatto. And another fav is pumpkin spice. Oh, and Italian Sweet Cream is my standby that I go back to over and over.

Then I sweeten it all with bunches of Splenda.

Oh, boy, the craving just multiplied! But first, on to the rest of the morning.

While the kids finish getting ready, I watch Good Morning America and sip my coffee. Of course, someone always needs hair fixed or clothes sprayed with Wrinkle Release or a permission slip signed or lunch money rounded up or a clean pair of socks or jacket located, or.... Well, you get the picture. After a kiss and quick "I love you," they hurry out the door with my husband, who takes them to school. I'm finally able to get back to my coffee.

Then it's time to write! But first, I have to reheat my coffee. :) There's almost always about a half cup left at this point. A cold half a cup. But I wouldn't trade the morning chaos for anything. Before I know it, my two youngest will be grown and gone. I want to appreciate every moment with them, even if I have to settle for heating a half cup of cooled coffee once they leave for school. That's what the microwave is for. :)

What about you? What does your morning routine look like?


  1. Missy,

    I hope you enjoyed your cup of coffee last night and it didn't keep you away from bed too long.

    Your morning routine looks a little like mine- minus the dogs and coffee. Unfortuantely, as I go to school with my kids, my days usually follow the same pattern. I don't get to write until the evening hours as long as I'm still lucid enough to be creative.

    I'm still working on training my body to write no matter what, but there are days when my mind says, "uh-uh" and shuts down. Oh well, someday I'll be better at it if I keep pushing. I hope.


  2. Hi Missy,

    I get up very early and my first shot of caffeine is usually a Diet Coke. I start the coffee later - closer to when my hubby get up so it's fresh for him.
    Once the caffeine is flowing through the veins, shower and get ready for work. Then quiet time with God, Bible and journal. Time remaining is devoted to writing - usually a blog, because I don't have time to get into my WIP. At 7:30, it's out the door for work!

    Have a great day!

  3. Dianna, being a teacher makes for an early morning! I imagine it is hard to write at night. Good for you for keeping at it!

  4. Edwina, I do start with 1 cup of coffee. But after that, the rest of day, my caffeine comes from Diet Dr. Pepper. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I didn't used to be a morning person, but I've changed. Though I am NOT a coffee drinker. Love the smell, hate the taste. I hit the showers first thing, do my makeup and hair, get dressed, then head downstairs, sometimes in time to fix a meager breakfast for the boys or maybe just in time to take the youngest to school. I always take him, hubby take our older son an hour later. After that, at least since our granddaughter has been here, I never know what's gonna happen.

  6. June, I mean Martha, I mean Mindy... :) I'm impressed that you come downstairs looking so good! I look like a dog most of the time. I sometimes take my shower right before rushing out the door to do school pickups. Yesterday, I had my shower AFTER school pickups! LOL

  7. I learned that if I don't get ready early I'll never make it.

  8. Oh, and about that hitting the showers. It's usually straight-up six o'clock.

  9. LOL, especially with a 2-year-old around! :)

  10. Ack! The kids and I don't get up until 7 am. (Of course, hubby is already up way before that.)