Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where Do You Find Wisdom?

The earth and all that is made within it reflect God's wisdom. I'm watching out my window as I write and realizing that even though I love to read, emulate, and absorb the wisdom of those who have gone before and those who mentor, God put wisdom in simple places too.

The white tree trunk stark against the barren winter mountain, horses that bandy about in the pasture blowing clouds against each other's necks, and seasons that change regardless of whether we like them or not all contain simple wisdom. 

They say it's time. 

It's time for change, for play, for cycles in life. Sometimes the cold is unbearable or the wind is too strong. Simple wisdom says to go in and wait it out.

Isn't it like that in our relationships too. We go through cycles when they feel difficult, uncomfortable, or hard. Society seems to say run and find a new one as if you could go on vacation to a warm spot.

Then we realize we should be more like the tree, stark and strong, waiting it out with our roots down deep and our branches raised to the sky.

Isn't it amazing where we can find wisdom? Wisdom placed right in front of us by the God who made this earth just for us.

It takes courage to stand and wait.



  1. Great post and certainly something to think about.

  2. great post today and makes us think as Christmas is near.


  3. I'm loving your post and you're absolutely right! Gives me something to ponder and maybe a new analogy to use when talking to those at work who are having difficulties. Thanks for passing the idea along.

  4. Angie, what a beautiful post. Once again, your writing makes me think of poetry.

    Yes, sometimes the wise thing--the right thing--is the hardest.

  5. Thank you, ladies :-) I really was sitting in my office, looking out my window at a white tree with limbs raised to the sky.