Sunday, December 27, 2009

The World & Christmas

Christy here.

I have always felt blessed that my first name means "follower of Christ." Even when I was in my most rebellious stage, I always knew my Savior. As I've matured, it's become more important to seek Him, always. In the good situations and the bad. Our Lord is always present, always working and will never leave us.

It was Christmas Eve and I had just gotten home from work. I have these lovely lighted cypress trees on my front porch - fake of course - and I was plugging them in to let them burn all night to celebrate Christmas. I happened to look across the street to my neighbor's house, where the couple was backing out of their driveway on their way out.

My neighbors are a kind couple, however their religion is one that while they repeat scriptures from the Bible and "mention Jesus", they do not celebrate any holiday, even birthdays. To my knowledge, they do not celebrate Christmas.

How can you know Jesus and not celebrate his birthday? The day when the bible says was the "fullness of time."

As I watched them leave, knowing they were headed some place, while many of the rest of us - Christian and non-Christian - were out getting ready for the "Holiday." I began thinking about how everyone tries to be so politically correct and say "Happy Holidays" yet in our country, most stores will close on Christmas Day.

While people are trained NOT to say "Merry Christmas" but to greet everyone with "Happy Holidays" they are honoring the day by giving everyone a day off. That's something normally unheard of throughout the rest of the year.

Who, but our Lord Jesus Himself would have the power to reign, even when most people are trying to ignore Him, where our country basically closes on Christmas Day. While so many non-Christians are trying to put emphasis on other holidays, many that man made up for himself, the ultimate fact is that without that one moment in time - that "fullness of time" - we would not be celebrating any holiday during this season.

So try as everyone may, with their Happy Holidays and their yada, yada, yada celebrations - giving gifts for whatever reason they're telling themselves they're giving gifts to others, you and I know - brothers and sisters in Christ - where it all began. And with WHOM it started.

Go ahead and try world... God knows what you're going to do before you take a step. He knows we will try to turn our backs on Him in our natural way of carnality, but He knows He will be the one to ultimately reign in the end.

And as for me, and I hope for you readers of this little post, that we know He will reign in the end as well.

Merry Christmas!!! Christ the Savior is Born!!!


  1. Christy,

    Well said! It frustrates me to no end that the world is trying so hard to not only leave Christ out of Christmas, but to just make it a regular holiday and yet we will observe other religious holidays throughout the year. I refuse to wish anyone "Happy Holidays" but will always wish them "Merry Christmas!"

  2. Christy,
    Great post. It's so true. I love the "fullness of time." It is. Without the birth there wouldn't be the death, there wouldn't be salvation.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Preach it, girl! Two thousand years later, and Christmas is still the biggest holiday of the year.

  4. Amen!

    Thanks for your comments, ladies!