Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol and Dreams

I'm hearing the song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... I have a golden ticket, I have a golden ticket!

It's that time again. Idol time! And I'm talking about the show American Idol where they give out these golden tickets to the contestants who are moving on to the next round. My daughter and I have been fans for about 3 years now, recording every episode. Tonight we finished Tuesday's show and also watched Wednesday's episode.

I was so touched by a young woman named Vanessa Wolf from tiny Vanore, Tennessee. She said she feels trapped where she lives and wants to make something of herself. So she headed off to Atlanta to try out for American Idol. She bought a new dress for $4.50 for her tryout and said the contest was the biggest thing that had ever happened to her. She said she knows the judges are high profile people, and she didn't want them looking down on her. But as she walked into the elevator that would take her to the 27th floor to stand in front of the judges, she said, "What's life without a risk or two?"

Sure, she was nervous. But she walked in there and sang her heart out. And they saw her heart...her authenticity. Even Simon said he liked her! They proceeded to give her four yes votes. And as she bawled her eyes out, so did I!

The girl who's never even been on an airplane is going to Hollywood. Living out a dream. And I'm rooting for her.

I'm rooting for all of us who are reaching for a dream. Publishing can be tough. Rejections can be tough. But as Vanessa says, "What's life without a risk or two?"

So I say go for it! Go for your dream. And if that's to publish, then send your manuscripts out. Enter writing contests. Join a critique group. Take online classes. Read how-to books. Anything to help you reach that dream. And most importantly, pray and trust God's perfect plan and His perfect timing.


  1. You know, it just occurred to me that I didn't ask a question that would engage everyone! Thus, no comments. (except for Mindy's "Amen!") :) Sorry I just preached at you! I was so moved by the show, I just jumped in and typed. :)

  2. I saw that episode. My husband and I actually watched one entire show. That part was touching. But I have to say that I absolutely hate that show. I hate the way they treat people. I hate the rudeness. That little gal was lucky, but so many others were laughed at, mocked, and harmed. I won't watch again. It's too mean-spirited.

    One thing that caught my attention was the young man who wouldn't listen. He did not maintain his dignity or that of the judges when they were trying to talk to him. It was also a good lesson to all of us. Sometimes it hurts to hear what will help in the long run. If we can listen and put into practice the good suggestions, we really can get better and succeed. That young man had raw talent, but his attitude was so bad that he will not profit from the experience.

    Unfortunately, I felt the harm they did through public mockery to so many outweighs any good that show has the opportunity to do for a few. I especially felt the hideous humor video about the young man who thought he'd escaped death 3 times was unacceptable.


  3. I am am Idol fan but I haven't watched Tuesday yet, I did watch Wednesday and I still crack up at the guy with the pants song. I usually don't enjoy the audition shows and if I miss them it isn't a big deal. I like to start watching when they get to Hollywood. But, the show is a good lesson if following your dreams and putting yourself out there. Sitting home and just thinking about it won't get you anywhere.

  4. Angie, you make a really good point. In early seasons, I didn't watch because they were so mean. I would start off watching the first show, and then just felt so awful I wouldn't watch again. But I think each year has gotten better because viewers complained.

    This year, I did think they were still mean at times (like you said, the guy who nearly died 3 times). But after that year that William Hung got that huge hit, it seems that people come who know they don't stand a chance, hoping just to make it big with their "awfulness." They have to go in there realizing they're going to get laughed at or made fun of. Of course, I bet there are some who think they're good when they're not.

    I think the mean spiritedness will improve when Simon is gone.

  5. Amy, did you see where the older man's pants song has been a hit?! :) I kept singing that song all evening after the show. It was catchy.

  6. I enjoyed the girl you posted about Missy. They even gave her a little advice as she was on her way out of the room.
    I don't mind if I miss the audition shows. I like it when they get to Hollywood.