Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Birthday for Missy

How does a year pass so quickly? It's time for another birthday already, and I can't believe it.
And why, as we get older, do we always forget how old we are?? I've been at the point for the last few years where I have to think what year it is, then subtract!
Well, today is my birthday. I just subtracted from 2010, and it appears I'm 48. And I thought I was 48 already! So I guess I should be thankful.
In honor of the fact that I'm not turning 49 afterall, let's have a celebration. ;-) I'm offering totally calorie-free cake and ice cream. Enjoy! And while we're partying, how about sharing your favorite birthday gift you've ever received. And also the favorite one you've ever given to someone else.
Thanks for joining my party today! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Missy!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    My favorite birthday gift is anytime I have both of my children and my grandson home to celebrate with me!

  2. Have a great birthday, Missy! Many blessings to you during 2010.

    My brain is a little fogged right now from a cold, but I'll have to say that one of the best gifts I received was when my husband took me out on our first "date night" after our youngest was born. It was nice having an evening out with someone older than 5 years old (even though a newborn was carried along). We had dinner, and the movie we saw was Armageddon. Anyone remember that one? Tells you how it impacted if I can remember the name of the movie.

  3. By the way, thanks for sharing the calorie free goodies! So generous of you.

  4. Thanks, Edwina! Time having all the kids home would be the perfect gift! :)

  5. Dianna, that does sound like a wonderful birthday! I remember those days. Whew. Couldn't do it again! :)

  6. I always have to do the math, too, Missy, but I'm usually surprised in the opposite direction. Happy birthday!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY !!!!! 48? Heck, that's not so bad, I will be 52 on the 30th ! Calorie free? Not for me right now, but thanks anyhow. And my favorite gift....(received) was when I turned 40, my parents to me to Disney to play golf on the Magnolia golf course, the one that the pros play! (If you dont know, I am a Mickey Mouse Fanatic ! My best gift given - When a long time friend of mine from middle school turned 40, (hes been living in CA. for probably 20 years) I sent him 40 wrapped presents, most pictures, videos, and momentos from places we hung out as kids !!
    Enjoy your day !!!

    Cuz Wendy

  8. Meg, I often get surprised in the other direction, too! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Wendy, what wonderful gifts!! Both given and received!

    You know, I think I remember Lindi having a Mickey Mouse watch. Did you give that to her? :)