Saturday, January 30, 2010


Jenn here.

This week I received my ARCs for Highland Blessings. As this was my first time holding my book in my hand other than a printed hardcopy from my printer, it's finally starting to feel real. My husband and daughter got a chance to see the dedication page. My daughter was so proud and asked for a copy to keep. I came in to wake her up the next morning and there was my book by her side where her American Doll is usually lying. She had slept with my book. I don't know if it was intentional or if she just feel asleep reading it, but I couldn't help smiling and feeling so loved.

Sometimes the things we work so hard to accomplish mean absolutely nothing without the love and support of our family. But when they show their pride and appreciation in our accomplishments--it means more than all the world. How does your family show their love and support for your writing, or if you aren't a writer, for your other accomplishments and goals?


  1. From the moment he found out I was writing, my husband has been my biggest supporter. He can't wait to read what I've written. If I need to be cloistered in my office because I'm in the midst of an intense scene, he rents a movie or whisks the family away. When it's time for a conference or writer's retreat, he steps up to the plate, wishing me a progressive trip.
    My older kids encourage me and look forward to the day I'm published. My boys, however, just keep asking questions like, "Will you get a lot of money when you're published?" LOL! If only.

  2. Jenn, that's so exciting!!! Just wait to you see it on the shelf somewhere. :)

    My family was really excited, too. My middle son grabbed a copy and ran off to read it. My oldest asked for a copy to take to church with him that night. And my middle son also took a copy to his lit teacher. :)

    And you know, one of the best moments was when middle son also did a project at school, where you did a poster of someone you admire. He did it on me, saying that I went after my dream. So cool!

  3. Mindy and Missy, Thanks for sharing. Our families are so wonderful and inspiring! I'm amazed at how thoughtful they are when I'm immersed in my stories and can't think past my characters' next decision.

  4. Jenn,
    Your daughter is so sweet! Reading that about made me cry!