Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If you were asking questions about...

Angie here.

Yesterday I was asked to suggest some questions on the topic of confidence. I started thinking about what I wanted to know for the book I'm writing and then thought about perceptions people have concerning confidence and courage.

That brought up my curious nature. (I'm sure those who know me are rolling their eyes about now because I happen to be a VERY curious person who will research just because I want to know something.)

So I began to wonder (here's where you jump in, friends) what do people think about confidence and/or courage? Are there opinions, perceptions, or even facts that are heavily ingrained?

Here's a few I wonder. Feel free to answer some, any, or add your own to this discussion.

If you could learn anything about how to be a confident person, what would it be?

If confidence is gained by learning from mistakes, is there any mistake you would still prefer never to have made?

What are you most confident about and how did you gain that sense of confidence?

When you see someone who exudes confidence, what do you actually see that makes you believe they are confident?

When you see someone who is timid, what do you see?

Is confidence an area that matters to you or do you have a different important value? (Oh yes, please share it.)

Are you confident in one area or a confident person all around?

Is there a dream or goal left unconquered? What would make it important enough to go for it?

Add your own or come answer those already here :-) You never know, your thoughts might end up in my book!


  1. Hi Angie,
    Great topic and questions!

    My confidence comes in knowing who I am in Christ, but it took a long time for me to learn that lesson! For years, I hid behind a facade of confidence and self-assurance and most people never knew how lacking I felt I was. For the most part I am a confident person all around. I'm just not confident in my writing abilities yet!

    My dream is to reach women through writing and speaking to help them understand who they are in Christ.


  2. Hi Angie:

    Here are some of my thoughts on this topic:

    What test can you use to tell genuine confidence from false confidence?

    How does confidence differ from bravado?

    To what extent will acting confident make it so?

    How does confidence differ from faith? Doesn’t ‘con fide nce’ mean ‘with faith’?

    How many types of confidence are there? Is confidence that you can give a good speech different than having confidence in a friend’s loyalty?

    You wrote:

    "When you see someone who exudes confidence, what do you actually see that makes you believe they are confident?"

    A confident person will attempt things that can cause himself/herself embracement if done poorly. If I ‘see’ someone walk leisurely up to the lectern (the body movements easy flowing and not stiff) and the speaker’s voice is resonate, smooth, and comfortable sounding, this behavior would make me think the person was confident without the author telling me the person was confident. It would also help if the speaker smiled and waved to a friend in the audience before he began speaking.

    Interesting post. Thanks, there’s a lot to think about in your post and I always need to be reminded to ‘show and not tell’.


  3. Edwina and Vince, these are excellent comments with lots to chew on. Thank you so much for participating.
    I love this feedback and am definitely going to take it into consideration in my project.

    Thank you!

  4. Interesting, Angie. I think confidence starts from having parents who affirm and also show they have confidence in the child's decisions. And I think confidence also forms in kids who feel secure, loved and safe.

    I also think growing up does a number on the confidence of just about any kid. So it's something we have to work on as an adult as well. I think some of that comes from practice (practicing a speech or playing an instrument). And again, even as an adult, I believe it comes from having someone affirm us and believe in us. And love us. :)

  5. I am almost 67 years old and still very insucure. I feel as though someone is talking about me when I am in a crowd and I always put myself down. My hubby gets after me about this but I have always been this way even when I was young. I am a Christian and know that God is always with me but we are the way He made us.


  6. I posted a very similar topic on my personal blog. I wanted to share this response from one of my readers because I think it is so helpful.
    From Alisa:
    I'm leading Jennifer Rothschild's Bible Study, "Me, Myself & Lies" and it is all about self-talk.

    She acutally considers self-talk a form of meditation and the meditations of our hearts should be pleasing to God.

    I think we have to be always aware of what we tell ourselves. We are God's creation, and He loves us! Even if we are used to saying something (due to family or environment) it doesn't make it right.

    Thanks for the post!

    - alisa hope