Monday, January 18, 2010


Belinda here. And I'm talking about motivation. Ours, not our characters.
Wait---don't go away!! It'll be painless--I hope.

You don't have to be a writer to "get" this post. You just have to have something that you love to do. Most of the time. Then there are times when you don't love to do it so much. But you need to. Or you should. (The need to--deadlines--the should--unpubbed trying to finish that manuscript.)

Now this is NOT a story about me having the day yesterday to myself. No, it's not. So quit thinking that way. My hubby was gone for the afternoon and girl had to work inventory...Bobby was working on their house. So, yes, me and the kitties and the birdies had the afternoon to ourselves.

And I worked on my book. Some..maybe not as much as I should have..but I know I need to.....what's wrong with me!! Somewhere in the day I even made a mandate that I wasn't going to work on Sundays. It was a religious thing I suddenly had really strong convictions about..for a few minutes. Then I realized that was an excuse, also.

Hmmm...what's a starving writer to do? (Okay, I'm not starving, but I like the glamourous woe-begone image it evokes.) A starving writer is to write!! Duh!!

So, on those days when you feel like you don't have any motivation to do something you really love to do, what do you do?

Read a great book.
Glance through a how-to book.
Take a nice hot bath.
Eat frozen pizza? (Not sure how that motivates, but...)

Share your ways of getting motivated---please. We would love to hear them.

Or maybe you don't have days like that. But if you dont', please don't tell me!


  1. Motivation has been hard for me of late. I have problems focusing on something I love to do, writing, since I lost my brother in November.

    I gave myself permission to take a break--that helps because you aren't sitting looking at the clock measuring time since you typed the last word. You also aren't battling massive frustration.

    Instead, I took the time to read a lot. Worked on other creative endeavors. Sat in the sun with my kitten, or groomed my horses. I even grabbed my sketchbook again and drew. All felt good and now I'm at the point where I feel like writing. I also can face the three projects I started and quit, with new eyes. Just because they felt like I rooted through the trashcan and pasted them on the page, doesn't mean they're worthless. :-)

    Happy writing!

  2. I have so much on my "need to do/want to do/should do" mental list that I had to sit down a few days ago and list everything by category and underneath each category - what needed to be done. The list is long and could be overwhelming if I let it. But it's actually motivating because it gives me a clear picture of what I need to do and every time I finish something, I mark it off and that motivates me to keep working.

  3. I don't want to sound morbid at all, but get a diagnosis of a terminal disease !! Talk about motivation and getting things done!!
    I hope none of you reading this has to get your motivation this way !!!

  4. Sia,
    I'm sure it was good to take a break when you needed it. And you're right. Nothing is worthless! And you sketch too. You must be very creative. Get back to it when you can at the pace you can. Just don't quit.

  5. Edwina---lists can be tremendously overwhelming! I agree. What I do in your situation (and I find myself there quite a bit!) is I keep that mental list, but only write down what I have to do that day. And since I'm somewhat of a procrastinator regarding some things, the list is only what I HAVE to do. And crossing things off is motivating.

  6. All right, Cuz. No one has you beat for reason of motivation! I agree. You have never been one to sit still, your house is always show-ready, and you do everything with a gusto I can only dream of. Keep it up. You'll get through all this...You have too!!! You know our F.A.I.T.H. girls are praying and I'm sure our readers and posters will be too!
    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lindi, I'm glad you got some work done! Of course deadlines motivate me. And even if you're not under contract, I always suggest deadlines for contests, etc. to keeps someone motivated.

    I've also found the hardest part is just getting started. Once I'm working, I realize how much I missed it.

  8. Beat motivation? I haven't found my great motivator yet. Reading a book always turns into a distraction because I want to finish the book. Housework never goes away. Full-time job is necessary for paying the bills.

    So far the only thing that has motivated me has been finaling in the Maggies, but usually that motivation gets trampled on by life within a few months. I'm still pushing, and still searching for that magic motivation factor.

  9. Dianna--motivation is tough...I know. Girl, you are a great writer. You have something God wants you to share with the world.
    Always remember that.

    Let's get this story out!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Missy, I totally agree about the gettiing started part. It's like anything..laundry...housework...but writing is so much fun!!!

    Anyway, once you get started it just keeps going.

  11. At the risk of sounding cliche', prayer. I sit at my computer or with my journal and pray. Mainly because I just can't do it without prayer.

    I do read a book, other people's blogs, and my own rough draft. When I start in on the rough, I find things I want to correct, beef up, change somehow. I get drawn in to the work and don't want to stop.

    Lately though, I'm writing on confidence and courage. I think I've been afraid (ironic, huh?) to write it down because I don't want people to think of it as prideful. So I'm realizing that I'm not the one who is prideful if I write it down, I'm prideful if I don't. Go figure. If I know something and I'm not willing to share it, that's just plain selfish. WHOA! When that though came to mind, it shocked me.

    I feel like I've been given a job to do and somehow I have to do it.

    I will tell you another secret. I imagine myself explaining to God (after my death) why I didn't get done what He asked me to do. Yeah, I just can't come up with a reason good enough. Could you? It motivates me to try even if I am unsure of how because I never want to be in that position. I want to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

    And I'm with Edwina on the lists :-) It helps my brain organize and recognize the important things that need to be done. I get huge satisfaction from crossing off the list! I prefer writing them on computer so I can make columns. But it's the actual physical crossing off that makes a difference in the feeling of accomplishment. So I print them out just for the ability to draw a line or write a check mark. Not kidding :-)